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Drawing & Design
1 May 2018
Alex Katz
` Alex Katz was born on July 24, 1927, into a Brooklyn native family. From a young age he was always drawn to art. Despite the hardships Katz parents knew his career would face, they were supportive and encouraging his choices. Throughout his teenage years Katz was drawn to advertising design, however, this didn’t last long due to his new deep love for simplistic drawing. His education continued at Cooper Union in New York. He studied at Cooper until l949 when he then received a scholarship to Skowhegan School of Art in Maine (Alex Katz Biography). It’s here where Katz not only learned about qualities of a great painter, but where his passion for painting began.
In 1957 Ada del Moro and Alex Katz met, little did they know they would be married the following year. As an artist, Katz was looking for inspiration all around, but little did he know his wife would become a source of inspiration for many of his pieces to come (Alex Katz Biography). By this point in his career Katz’s style had matured and simplified, capturing the simple beauty of life. As new decades rolled in so did new movements, one of those being Nouveau réalisme. Nouveau réalisme is the simplification of artwork in response to everyday events, such as post war society and the economy. The movement broke down the beauty of one’s work, displaying its rawness to the public, thus appealing to a bigger audience, unlike some movements before that glamorized the subject and or topic (Nouveau Réalisme Mouvement). However, despite his simplicity Katz also stayed true to himself. His work reflected that, displaying his abstract roots and simplicity.
One of Katz famous pieces of art is entitled Blue Umbrella. This piece was created in 1972. It was a painting of his wife, Ada del Moro in the rain. This piece uses vivid colors such as red and blue against a striking white background. He uses flattened planes throughout his paintings which balance the intensity and use of color. Katz is mostly known for his portraits both of people and landscape, as well as his use of clean and crisp lines (Alex Katz, This Is Now).
Throughout his career Alex Katz has defied all odds that were stacked against him and his art. Currently at the age of 90, Katz is still devoted to his love for art. He now lives between two states, Maine and New York, immersing himself in the people, nature and environments (Alex Katz Biography). Katz also has received many awards including, many honorary artist accolades, U.S Government grant, and has been a part over over 100 public collections. He also has pieces in museums ranging from the United States, Germany, Finland, Japan and Portugal (Biography _ Narrative Bio).

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