Like in Beowulf, there are also some motifs and symbols in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Before talking about these, I would like to mention chivalric features of Sir Gawain and the Green Night. Firstly, Sir Gawain accepts the challenge of Green Night to prove his courage just like Beowulf. Both of them keep their promises by questing and fighting with monsters and both show a valor. All of these are not for gold, money, profit or any wishes. They fight for glory and fame. As a difference, their beliefs and social status could be compared but Sir Gawain also shows a great knighthood and performs codes of chivalry. One of the motifs is shield of Sir Gawain. Its shape is pentangle. This shield may be considered as a representative of the five wounds of Christ, and it may symbolizes the five codes of chivalry or virtues of knighthood which includes generosity, courtesy, purity, chivalry and piety. Actually, we can say that the pentangle is a symbol of Gawain’s personality.