I believe that eurocentrism is how Europeans see and view the rest of the world. Eurocentrism aims to think of the world as Europeans think of the world. The world defines things from a European perspective and it is for this very reason that Europeans believe that they are superior when being compared to other continents. I believe that Eurocentrism is the cause of globalisation. I will discuss the reasons further.

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Eurocentrism is also known as Western Centrism for it focuses on the Western side of the world. It is an ideology which believes that everything that is European is good and should not be questioned. Eurocentrism focuses on making people think that Europe is the superior continent and that all things European are good and great. Eurocentrism focuses on making everything European to be considered as best. Eurocentrism focuses on making European way of thinking the most appropriate and good way one could say that eurocentrism mainly focuses on making the world to be European or brain washing the world into becoming European
Eurocentrism focuses on making the world adopt to the European ways. It aims to make the world adopt to European culture, food, clothing civilisation, economy and development. These aims can be seen in our daily lives. People in the world are meant to believe that their own cultures are not as good as the European culture. This can be seen in the example when one tries to know how successful an individual is. The person will look at the Europeans way of one to be considered successful which is for one to have many cars and clothes and a big apartment which is totally different from the way Africans for instant considers one to be successful. Africans consider one to be successful when they have a lot of livestock in their name.
Eurocentrism is also considered as being the main cause of Africa’s bad performance in the education field for the children has to learn in the language that they do not understand. In conclusion eurocentrism is a concept coined by its critics that analyse its complicity in upholding power structures that legitimiser the devaluatin of ways of living and the oppression of people who do not comform to European norms and ideals.

Social reproduction is the reproduction of cultural, human, and social capital in society. It therefore affects or has an influence on the languages, traditions, cultural values, education, food security It therefore leads into the cultures and customs done by one generation to passed onto the following generation. Social reproduction is effective when the society can be able to maintained when the society keeps, secretes and respect their ways through being fair and equal to its own people. When inequality, poverty, and social changes take placed within the society then this forces the society to adapt can impede the process of social reproduction causing what is known as a “crisis in social reproduction” (Wells, 2009).

To demonstrate this I once followed a documentary called ‘Born into Brothels’. Born into Brothel demonstrates a crisis of social reproduction that negatively impacts the lives of children living in Sonagachi as a result of globalization, neoliberal policies, poverty, lack of adequate education and social structures to pass down capital, and the stigma of prostitution. Additionally, it shows the need for children to make economic contributions to their families that prevent them from leaving the brothel. 
The globalization of ideas and policies has consequences that hinder social reproduction. The effects of globalized neoliberal policies are apparent in Sonagachi. Neoliberal policies influence free market economies, individualism, and privatization, which contradict previous existing structures in their society. Dominant cultures view poverty as a result of weak government that can be fixed by neoliberal policies.
The shift from the traditional optic of territoriality to the transnational conception of a state’s boundaries has challenged the way social reproduction occurs. There are new forms of social reproduction since it can be carry out in places and in extensions that were not imagined by Marx or Quesnay when social reproduction’s first theories were developed (Caffentzis, 2005). The expansion of capitalism to the international fora has a major role to play since it requires new forms of governance that challenges prior forms of capitalism. This section will highlight some of the challenges of social reproduction due to the implementation of capitalist measures and ideologies in a global context
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