Man not only perceives the surrounding world, but also influences him. He has a certain attitude to all things and phenomena. Reading a book, listening to music, answering a lesson or communicating with friends, people experience joy, sadness, enthusiasm, grief.

Experiences in which the attitude of people towards the surrounding world and towards themselves is manifested, are called emotions .

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Human emotions are extremely diverse and complex, and can be positive (joy, love, delight, satisfaction, etc.) and negative (anger, fear, horror, disgust, etc.). Any emotion is accompanied by activation of the nervous system and the appearance in the blood of biologically active substances that alter the activity of internal organs.

Each emotion can be accompanied by expressive movements. By changing gait, posture, as well as gestures of a person, facial expressions, intonations, changing the speed of speech, one can form an idea of ??the emotional state. Watching the expression of a person, we not only understand what the other person feels, but we also become infected with his condition: we empathize, sympathize, and feel compassion. Thus, expressive movements are a peculiar means of communication between people .

The appearance of emotional reactions is associated with the work of the cerebral hemispheres and parts of the diencephalon. Temporal and frontal lobes of the cortex are of great importance for the formation of emotions. A person’s life without emotions is impossible. The loss of emotions is the loss of human-specific traits.

A normal human life should be emotionally saturated with a predominance of positive emotions. Stormy negative emotions lead to the development of mental and somatic diseases of man. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent their development. This is achieved with the help of will – meaningful management of emotions. We can restrain our emotions, our expressive movements, “not to give feelings of will.”

Self-control, the ability to control oneself in various situations are acquired in upbringing, self-education and are the features of a high culture of man.