Marketing Statement Essay
Marketing is considered a science for multiple reasons. First, marketing involves researching and analyzing the numbers. Second, marketing consists of understanding and influencing behaviors. Third, marketing is a science because people invest money and would like to know how much profit they will acquire. Finally, science is used in marketing everyday to help better understand the subject.

First, marketing involves researching and analyzing the numbers. People in the world of marketing are given information and they analyze everything to make it suitable. The definition of marketing consists of, “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”, so in the definition it has the word research in it. Marketers use the research to provide a service or product and they use steps to help find the answers. The first way is to identify opportunities to serve various groups of customers. This method involves finding out the “wants” or “needs” of customers in a market. For example, in this method, marketers make focus groups or interviewing customers and investors.Marketers can also read articles to find answers. Another way marketers can analyze markets is to examine the size of the market. The way marketers accomplish this is to identify market segments and different sub groups and all in that specific market to achieve their unique features and preferences. Some useful data could be from demographics and social trends from a informational stand point. Another example on how marketers use research and analyzing to formulate solutions include determining the best method to meet the target market the marketer is in. This means the marketer must evaluate different methods to solutions to meet specific people and what they need. This is where the focus groups come to help the marketers because they can ask specific questions about specific problems or needs or wants for the consumer. This, in turn, gives the marketer the information he/she must know to evaluate the right method to the solutions for the people with the needs.
Second, marketing consists of understanding and influencing behaviors. This basically means how do marketers understand the wants and needs of a consumer. Science is involved in marketing and understanding the behaviors of people. Psychology is a type of science that is the study of behaviors. The definition of psychology is, “the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context”, which means how people react to certain things in predictable ways. This also has to do with a cause and effect example, for every marketing action there is always a reaction and that means that the marketers have to really study the science of things to be effective and make sure they are getting things correct. It is sometimes difficult to understand the behaviors of a consumer and if a marketer can understand and define the behaviors then he/she will be a good marketer for a company. In one article the writer says, “Using subtle priming techniques, you could help your website visitors remember key information about your brand and maybe even influence their buying behavior (Mineo 1)”. This is a way that marketers strategize themselves using science to help get their products out and to sell them and everything matters in the world of marketing and one little thing could pay of dividends or be a catastrophe. Marketers use these techniques, so they can make a better profit and be a better recognized marketer and understanding and influencing behavior helps that out dramatically. The techniques used with psychology are probably one of the most prevailing things that describe marketing and how it is combined together and considered a science.
Third, marketing is a science because people invest money and want to know how much profit they will acquire. So, people invest in businesses and advertising and everything in between that has to do with a market. Some insight on this is how do marketers assure the investors on how much they could make or how much they could lose? Well, Marketers use a lot of techniques to acquire the answers. Marketers use new methods to assure that the investors of the product make a profit and that comes with social networking. Social networking is a new way or marketing that is used to spread the word to people online. If marketers can capture some more influential famous people to help advertise and show the product, these would be a marketing technique and would lure people in to purchase products and would in turn, make the investors happy. Marketers ask questions like, “how much money should you spend?” or “how much return will you receive?”. These questions are used to make sure the right specific amount of investments used and then they will have a ballpark answer to how much people should receive from the investment. Another way they use science to help with the answers for people and techniques are that partnering with known brands is a special way of marketing. Marketers partner with known brands and this helps with the profit too because people are familiar with specific brand and when people purchase items from that brand, it contributes to the brand a partnering and that means more money for the company and the people who invest and give their time and money to eventually make more money than they put in. Investors are a big factor in all of marketing and if it wasn’t for them then the marketers wouldn’t be here to help with products and to calculate and propose new objectives with strategies to achieve goals in a certain manner.
Finally, science is used in marketing everyday to help better understand the subject. The way the market is today, people in the market have to establish new ways and analyze items to put in a condensed way to read the specifics of the market. It consists of finding new ways like social media and partnering with companies to make the right decisions and profits. Psychology, a form of science is used in marketing to even read behaviors and to determine what the needs and wants of a consumer are to come and what they need now with focus groups and selective interviewing of people and asking specific questions.
In conclusion, Science is used in marketing everyday and without science to accurately record data and come up with solutions then I think marketing would fail and people would lose a lot of money then if they did have science to back it up. This essay gives insight on how marketers use the techniques with science to accomplish their goals.

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