Martial Law. Every time these two words comes out of Filipinos mouths, we usually thought how former President Marcos ruled our country. No freedom of information; the human rights and natural rights have been taken away from us. Due to the continuous arising of modern technology today, and from the horrible memories of the past, there were still other alternative solutions that the government can do.
During the Marcos regime, a lot of rules and regulations were implemented and shouldn’t be opposed. A curfew of twelve midnight until four in the morning was imposed. Moreover, rallies and any form of group actions were banned. Anyone who violates these rules will be arrested and will not be released until the President ordered to do so.
Everyone is prohibited to bring firearms and deadly weapons outside. That’s why we can only take it out at home. Also, travelling abroad was strictly forbidden and only government officials, employees, scholars with important business outside the country are exempted.
While President Marcos took responsibility in the country, Filipino’s are not free to do what they want. It looked like they came back from the time wherein Spaniards controlled them. Also during the time of martial law, there was a big silence on the streets and people are more cautious of their actions.
For every one mistake of Filipinos it would be equivalent to a certain punishment. This makes the government awfully powerful because they had a chance to arrest criminals and even an innocent citizen. Once they are doubted to be involved in any suspicious activities, they will suddenly be arrested without proceeding in due process.
It is very different now, and looking how President Duterte decided to bury former President Marcos to the graves of heroes; Martial Law will be possibly applied to the whole country. As of now, Martial Law was implemented at Mindanao because of continuous terrorists attacks. At least 1,100 people, mostly terrorists, were killed in the 5-month siege.
Somehow, that is what our current President chose to do in order to protect the lives of our fellow men, reminiscing back from the devastating mess happened in Marawi, he thinks that it can be the alternative solution for now. Protecting the lives of his people and associating himself with different problems