Medical necessity should be determined between the patient and the healthcare provider the government should not interfere with patient-physician decision making. Furthermore, the relationship between the government and the medical field should stay separate and only interconnect for lawful issues. The government should not carry out any role in the decision making involving the care received between a patient and doctor. Moreover, the government should have no say on what, one can do or should do to their bodies it is our right to possess that power. In the writing of Martha Mendoza “Between a Woman and Her Doctor” she tells the devesting story of losing her baby and the pain she endures waiting to go into labor, due to a law called a “partial birth abortion ban” that faces many obstacles, resulting in physicians denying D&Es (dilations and evacuations) to women in Marth Mendoza’s position. In addition, in matters like this, the government should only involve themselves to dictate what is legal and Illegal such as practicing medicine without a license or even a lobotomy. A patient goes to their doctor for trust and confidence. With the hope that their doctor will carry out the sensible decision about their care and not a decision based on confusing limitations set by the government.