Mendoza, Kimberly Rose G.

When everyone say hero, they automatically think of a cartoon character like Superman, Batman, Spiderman or any characters of Marvel. If you mean hero, then someone who was the strongest person around who wants to bring peace and justice to world. But in real life nowadays, people may come and go, some will be remembered and some will be forgotten. But one thing I am sure about of, you can never forget the person/s who you can also call as your second mother or father. Your teacher.

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Teachers, they are not your typical heroes. They don’t wear capes nor have superhuman powers, they don’t save lives and they cant fly through the speed of sound. But they’re my heroes. They wear uniform and carry heavy books just for our sake, they sacrifice their own life just for our best shot in our future, yes they can’t fly but they are always there for me to feed me with knowledge. Since kindergarten up to this college level teachers are all there to guide us to just make sure we may succeed in the future. Despite that they also have their own lives to live they are fully committed and dedicated in what they are doing which is to teach. What we are now and what we will be in the future lies at the hands of our loving teachers. They are the sculptors, molders who keep on forming us to become better persons. We owe to them to every success that we had and what will we have in the future. They are great heroes that people neglect, the only living martyrs left, people that should be crowned and honored because of the good things that they have bestowed, shared, imparted in every student. Very few of them left here in the country, some of them are migrating to other foreign countries but it doesn’t mean that if they are outside the country they are no longer belong to the heroes.