Mykala Ross
Ms. Scarola
GWS 1110
13 September 2018
Literacy Narrative
When I was four-years-old, my mother wanted to enroll me into Pre-K so that I could get a head start on my learning. I remember it vividly when my mother took me to the school that she wanted me to attend to take a placement test to see where I was. Like any other placement test, it was made up of tracing the alphabet and basic reading skills. I don’t remember how I did but, I do know that my passion for reading and writing wasn’t my strongest subject. After taking the placement test and starting the school year, my journey of reading and writing had begun.

Middle school had finally came and I learned the basics about literacy. First grade through probably third grade was basically about how to form a proper sentence and how to use proper grammar which, I sucked at. All this information on what you can or cannot do with writing was really hard for me because it was a lot to take in. For example, If I write a paper and my teacher proof read it, it would be all marked up with punctuation errors and run on sentences. I really hated the criticism that my teacher gave me because that means that I had to go back in fix all my mistakes. I remember a time when my teacher gave us an assignment to write a story of our own. It could be about anything such as a mystery, a real-world situation, drama, or anything that our young brains could think of. I’m not much of a creative person so I just wrote about two sisters switching bodies just like the movie Freaky Friday. I turned in the assignment and my teacher gave me so much criticism that I walked out of the classroom because I was very upset. Even though I got in trouble for doing that my teacher had a talk with me about constructive criticism. She read a quote me by Elbert Hubbard saying that, “The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment.” I still didn’t understand what she meant but she explains to me that being a writer is not easy. It takes time and practice to become a potential writer and I was at the beginning stage it.After our talk, I decided to try again and actually put more effort into the paper. Eventually, I got an okay grade on it but the passion for reading and writing wasn’t in my system yet. Now, I am in the 8th grade and a sudden change happened. Our English teacher had our class read a book from the library that she had in the classroom. I started thinking in my head, “I hate reading!” So, I’m looking for a book to read and I came across this book called Jane in Bloom. This book was about a young girl who sister suffered from anorexia and the older sister actually died at the end. At the beginning of my reading, I didn’t really like it but our English teacher’s rules about reading were that you had to read at least 30 pages before picking a new book. So, I decided to keep reading until I got to page 30. As I got to page 30 I fell in love with the book instantly. I fell in love with the book because it was so heartbreaking to read how a little girl slowly watching her sister die due to an eating disorder. That’s where the climax of the book actually started to build and I kept reading. I had to say, it was a pretty interesting book! My passion for reading grew just a little bit. I finally came to the realization that I like books that I am interested in; not books that I am forced to read. As the year went by my love for books grew stronger. I fell in love with mysteries books and real-world situation books. My literacy skills improved and I was pretty proud of that because that means that I actually put effort and time into it. I could say that my love for books stayed the same until I got to high school.
My freshman year of high school was a big moment for me. I felt like I was actually in college just a little bit because it was a new surrounding and also new learning. Before I came to high school I had to take a placement test to see what classes would best fit me. After picking my classes, I was in all college preparatory classes meaning that I had good skills for my appropriate placement. The first day of my freshman year finally came and I was excited to see what was in store for me. My first period was English so I was kind of nervous because it was a different setting and new learning. We had our first reading assignment and it was a book called Of Mice of Men. Reading the title I was thinking to myself, “this is going to be a stupid book,” but actually, it wasn’t. My freshman English teacher told me that every book that we would read in this class will have a theme to it meaning that could have something to do with our personal life experiences and since I went to a Catholic high school, the readings will sometimes be about social justice issues in today’s society. It changed my idea towards reading because it was some books that I enjoyed reading. The year went on and most of the books that I’ve read in class were very interesting and a great read. I would say that this was the peek of my literacy journey because I’ve become more passionate about books. Even when I was forced to read I didn’t have an attitude about it because I loved the books that were selected for my freshman year.

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Sophomore and Junior year was the same thing. I loved the books that I’ve read and papers I typed. One specific paper that I typed my junior year was the ISJRP paper which is an acronym for Integrated Social Justice Research Project. This was the biggest paper through my entire years of high school. The first step of writing the paper was to find a place where we could do community service so that we could begin to form a topic for our research paper. I did my service at the YWCA for women that suffered from domestic violence. It wasn’t really hard to form my topic but the most difficult part about writing the paper was the length and annotated bibliography. First, the paper had to be either 9 to 20 pages which were really hard because I have never written a paper that long before and, we had to have a total of 10 credited sources. With the help of my English teacher, it wasn’t really that hard to find. The problem was how was I going to write that many pages. This process took about 4 months to complete and I was actually successful in doing that. I got a good grade on the paper and the sources that I had were great. It was a stressful process and it took a lot of time and effort to complete such a paper but, overall I think I did amazing. I think the only issue about me typing papers is that I don’t like to. I say this because I always get writers’ block! I would always get stuck writing any type of papers. My freshman and sophomore year were baby papers which made them ten times easier but research papers were a handful.

Now that I am finally in college, I set a few goals for myself. The one goal that I have for myself is to become a better writer. I want to become a better writer because the papers that I have written are not up to par. It is important to become a better writer because since my major is nursing, I feel as though there will be a lot of research papers involved in my career.