Nowadays, many people when they hear the word “Healthy Lifestyle”, they will thinking about healthy food and what they eating. Although, healthy lifestyle is what do you do to keep your body healthy. There are many other method about healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy , exercise regularly, and get enough rest. Healthy lifestyle are very important to us because it will avoid us from get disease and illness. For example, diabetes, cancer and obesities. Having a healthy lifestyle also will make our life more enjoyable and we can do everything when our body in good condition every day. Let’s discuss about this three factors of healthy lifestyle, which are eating healthy, exercise regularly, and take proper sleep.

First and foremost, factors of healthy lifestyle that we must taking important is eating healthy food. While, many people always focus to grab their favourites food then taking healthy food that can help them to avoid from get a disease in the future. Although, when their eating any dessert at late night. However, every people must keep their self-discipline strong to change their eating plan. According to Robinson, L. , Jeanne, S. Ph. D. , and Robert. S. , (September 2018) , eating healthy is not about take a extremely diet or disallow you from eat your favourite food. Its about you will feel appreciable when your body fit and healthy.

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Next, exercise is one of the factors of healthy lifestyle. People nowadays are practice of inactive lifestyle. There are no movement enough for our body. Meanwhile, we need to move our muscle to maintain the blood circulation. This will avoid the unwanted disease such as heart attack. According to Puressay (August 17th, 2016) we can avoid heart attack by doing muscle exercise. We need to do exercise at least 3 times a week to keep our body health. Exercise also can normalize our body metabolism and influenced to all organs in our body so that our organs can work efficiently.

On the other hand, sleep also influence in healthy lifestyle. Adult person need 8 hours sleep a day to get an enough rest for the body. If we do not get enough sleep, we will lack of attention, our body will weak and uncontrolled emotions. According to Brown, I. ( May 4, 2017) we can control our emotions and avoid feelings of anxiety and depression if we get enough time of sleep. Other than that, when we are sleeping we also help our body in physical recovery and repair. Then, our body will be ready to face another hectic day. This will avoid us from unwanted disease in future.

In a nutshell, sleep extremely vital in any health systematic plan to ensure the body get its rest. Eating, exercise and sleep are the three main element in the plan. Balance all the elements together for a truly healthy lifestyle. Start your day with small changes such as spending 10minutes in early morning to having a light exercise, drink more water and sleep early. All the changes will give you a positive outcome gradually but all the changes will benefit your health and wellness.