On August 6, 1945 a nuclear weapon was dropped onto the city of Hiroshima causing an outbreak. The ashes that fall from the bombing in the city has brought great despair. This event has killed over 90,000 people.
Seventy-three years later the city dug itself from the ashes, and became a city with modern technology. Most of the reason the city was able to get running again was mostly because of citizens of neighboring cities that helped them. This is an outstanding transformation which was assisted by the greenpeace foundation, which helped contribute to their improvements.(1) The greenpeace movement grew out of the “peace” and “environmental”. This foundation help rise the city from its old ashes.
Although this was a terrible event they will honor the thousands that died. Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law enacted in 1949.(3) This law said that Hiroshima, the first city in human history to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, should take on the role of appealing to the world for peace. Thus, the national government provided money to help the city rebuild.
However, this catastrophe didn’t hold back the city from creating new and modern technology. They still uphold their past traditions, but they wouldn’t let the past define them. They have created laws that would ensure peace within their city. Within 60 years the city of hiroshima has recover. Now visitors arriving by bullet train to Hiroshima’s main railway station might have little inkling of the city’s singularly tragic past.