One impact that the Iraq war had on the UK’s Uniformed Public Services is that it had an effect on the deployed personnel’s mental health. One operation that was undertaken during the Iraq war known as operation ‘TELIC’ had already deployed 100,00 UK military by December 2005 (Hotopf et al). (Hotopf et al) conducted a study on the mental health of regular and reservists deployed to Iraq on operation ‘TELIC’. His study showed that, 26% of reservists and 19% of regulars suffered from common mental disorders. As well as this, 6% of reservists and 4% of regulars suffered from Post traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD . This shows that the Iraq war had a massive impact on the military personnel deployed to the Iraq war. In particular it affected the reservists the most. One reason for this is that they may not have been deployed to a war zone before, therefore they may not have witnessed any traumatic events such as, killing an enemy for the first time, or witnessing a friend being killed. As a result of this, there would be implications on an individuals mental health.