Organizing define as a process of coordinating the task and resources in an organization to achieve the objectives and goal. Kellogg has been a purpose driven organization that provides healthy breakfast choices. The company provides a wide range of quality products, making easier for consumer to achieve a balanced diet and healthy body.
Operational management plays an important role in all the processes from defining customer orders to delivering products and services to achieve the organizational goals. They have to take actions in identifying the requirements, designing products or services, purchasing inputs and delivering the products.
Kellogg’s marketing team conducted extensive market research and doing survey to determine the consumer needs. This can help companies expand their product quality and satisfied their consumer preferences. However, the market researchers then help them determine the future needs of consumer, while the operations management team will leading the employees to design the product to best suits the consumer needs with the best quality of the product. The operations management team also began to pay more attention to the development of new products. They start to use the brand extension strategies by offering new features and flavor of the product to attract the customer attentions. Kellogg’s as a global leading company, they have collected outside information and adjust its products based on the taste and preference of different cultures. They have modified and adapt the product to suit the different cultures.
On the other hand, Kellogg’s also implemented the supply chain management. In supply chain management, the company must consider many things with the manufacturers. Production units must be close to raw materials suppliers and distributor channels so that they can receive products more easily. The cost of transportation would be less. In addition, the communication department also maintains good relations with distributors so that they can deliver goods on time.