“Oswald didn’t do it for anyone but himself”
“Every time you look into an allegation that Oswald was put up to it, or was acting on behalf of someone else, you find things don’t add up.
I became particularly interested in the Abraham Zapruder films and everything that they could possibly show. The Warren Commission had access to the films, but they did not, shall we say, make the most of them. There are things we know with much more clarity now. I led a team that processed the films to make them available digitally.
The bottom line is the Zapruder films are regarded as capturing the assassination in full, but my conclusion is that the assassination had already taken place.Zapruder was not ‘late’ as such, but the first shot had already been fired. He only captured two of three.
people still engage with conspiracy theories because the enormity of the crime is such that people can’t believe this lone ne’er-do-well pulled it off. There’s a big imbalance there – a huge crime, but it came down to one person. There is no evidence he did it for anyone but himself. If Oswald were alive today he would be rotting away in prison, and he would be upset not to get the credit for his ‘enormous accomplishment’.” – Max Holland is a US historian who applied digital technology to a number of home movies taken on nov 22, ’63