Parental Responsible Laws

Parental responsibility has been placed in states to hold parents or legal guardians

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responsible for property damages, personal injury, theft, shoplifting, and vandalism. Parents

aren’t automatically liable at common law for acts of their children. Its is unfair to parents to be

held responsible for acts of a child. These laws are to impose affirmative duties on parents to

provide the necessities for the youth in their custody. A minor is any person who has not yet

reached the age of majority. These laws ensure they do not abuse or abandon their children.

In majority of instances, the consequences that parents may have to pay for damages

awarded to the plaintiff due to the child actions. Parents also have to cover hospital expenses,

medical treatment. In some cases, parents may have to pay the state for any losses connected

with violations. Parental responsibility laws can place heavy burdens on parents. Having a

lawyer for advice or legal representation should be considered.

Reviewing the parental responsibility laws, it is unfair to a parent to have to be held

for your child behavior that may have caused some damages. In today’s world parents aren’t

allow to discipline their child like parents did about 25 years ago. It is harder to control your

child because of the laws put in place. Its not fair to parents because if they try to discipline

their child then people tend to file reports of abuse to a child it doesn’t have to be physical, it

also, is verbal abuse. Then when a child cause harm or damages then it’s the parents

responsibility and parents are faced with the consequences and parents are able to discipline

their children but the parents are being discipline. What right is that for a parent?

At some certain age children know the difference between right and wrong and they know that

if they do something wrong them there are consequences behind those wrong doings.

As a child grows up I think they should understand that if they cause harm to others

or property damages then they will have to be held accountable. The parent responsibility laws

should be changed to children responsibility laws that give them consequences to have like,

community service, taking classes, boot camps. The law should teach children not parents

they weren’t the one to commit the crime. Parents should also have a say on the consequence that

their child may face. There are delinquent children and teens that just don’t respect them

parents and there has been plenty of parents that has done everything to discipline their child

and nothing has worked, it should be where a parent can have a say where and what their child

must complete to teach the child a lesson. Many mothers are solely responsible for their children

because of the fathers not involved, which makes mother the custodian parent. If mothers are

responsible for their children for everything that they do then if they have other children that

aren’t behavior children then that’s will be the mother has be responsible for all of her children

if she has multiple and that’s hard on one person. The law is not to protect us it to hurt us we

can’t be parents to our child the state is being parents to our children. They don’t want us to say

anything to our children but we have to be responsible for our children. Its not right and it wont

be right for them when they grow up and have children themselves.