Passive and Active Students
The school stage is one of the compulsory stages that every student must pass in many countries of the world . The school includes a teaching staff consisting of teachers , management , and the students . Teachers usually classify two types of learners in their classes ; active students and passive students . There are differences between them in the way they live , such as hour of sleeping , the way they eat , and their attitude .
Unlike passive students , active students usually sleep early after finishing all their responsibilities . For example , after returning from school , they rearrange their schedule for tomorrow and complete their homework or study for exam . Passive students waste all the day by playing . Also , active students sleep enough of hours at night . In contrast , passive students sleep late . As a result of sleeping late , passive students miss the first class . Also , they lose many of marks due to absence and the lack of understand .
Not only hours of sleeping but also the way they eat . Active students start their day by eating healthy breakfast . However , passive students do not usually eat breakfast at morning . Breakfast is very essential to give energy and help the mind to concentrate during the day . Scientists have proven that students who eat breakfast before going to school are more able to focus during class. Miller etal. (2012) reported no association between frequency of breakfast and negative behavior .
The last difference is their attitude . Active students are able to learn more information . Passive students are just the opposite . They usually rely on other to help them . Teachers can observe that from their participating in class , and when they discuss something . Furthermore, active students help themselves . For example , whenever they do not understand something they ask their teachers . They do not wait until last minute to ask . Passive students think the only way to succeed cheating instead of studying
To sum up , hours of sleeping , ways of eating , and the attitude are the most common differences between active and passive students .