People who are looking for ways to lose weight have a few options: dieting, exercising, and behaviour modification. Dieting can be an effective tool in losing
weight because you are restricting yourself to small portions of food and certain
types of food. If you change your food intake from 3,200 calories to 1,500 calories
per day you can change your fat intake and increase your chances in losing weight. To lose weight you must burn the fat that you store, and the fat we store is through our consumption of calories we eat per day. Essentially the less we eat, the greater our chances are in losing weight. Another way we can lose weight is through exercising. Exercising regularly is a very important part of weight loss regimen because you stimulates growth of the metabolic tissue which means you are burning mostly fat. You don’t have to run in a marathon in order to stimulate the metabolic tissue which burn fat and lose weight, you can join a gym or take brisk walks around your neighborhood four to five times per week. The last option is
behaviour modification which control how we feel about losing weight. Food
gives our bodies energy we need in order to function. This mean that food can
be a emotional component. The main reason we eat is because we are hungry,
but there are some people who eat when they are happy, sad, stressed, tired, or bored. This pattern can have a yo yo effect on your dieting success.