Web performance shows the speed of downloading and displaying web pages on the user’s web browser. Web speed is one of the top components and plays a crucial role in a website’s user experience. Spending time on the site which loads slowly will influence online shoppers’ decision-making process and increase the possibility of them to navigate to the competitor’s. POPULAR Online reduces the amount of data transmitted over the network especially for the uses with slow Internet connections and those on mobile devices. A fast website download speed will impact directly on the user satisfaction and visitor retention and loyalty.
Besides, the sales and business potential are also closely related to website speed. A fast and responsiveness loading site prompt more users to visit and give patronage to a business. POPULAR’s homepage interface is appealing for the shopper and has the ability to guide the visitor through the site. All of the promotional graphics and links on the main page work well. Links to the popular products run fast and effective. Intermittent page load also rarely occurs.

Design and maintenance
The layout is user-friendly and minimalist as it is segmenting the students and professionals. The symbolic red colour scheme coordinated elaborately. Satisfy the comfortable and clean looking requirements, customers can easily find their needs and wants according to categories. The site divides into various sections for easy navigation. The top of the main page provides a well-organised of links to its content, arranged in three columns headed Departments, Popular Members, and Events. The layout allows the customers to control in good hands in satisfying their needs on the site.
Besides, the design is done professionally and effectively with a highlight section arranges in the middle of the website. Hence, the critical information for example special discount of items can be transmitted to the users easily. A big font of the text on the main page can draw the attention of the customer. The bottom of the main page runs down a section which provides four choices, and each link accesses to different information; for example, ways to buy, payment method, delivery service, and returns ; replacements. The website designer also considered several payment solutions to assure the online shopping a pleasant experience. A successful e-commerce website has the potential to appear in various search engines such as Google and Yahoo meanwhile boosts the popularity among customers through it. is practical and functional in design as it possesses all the necessary graphics, web solutions such as payment gateway, shopping cart, merchant accounts online and other solutions.

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Furthermore, regular maintenance for the website can keep the site up and be running. It also helps to develop the company’s growth and boost the overall experience. Problems for example broken links, stale content and domain name expiry happen to the entire e-commerce site. Critical faults will result in revenue loss, discourage visitors from gaining further insight into the website and affect the business continuity. For instance, the POPULAR’s web design company (Maximus) offer services that can add pages and functionality. The company also helps to keep up with the latest design trends and manage the content. Therefore, a website with fresh content can improve the search engine optimisation (SEO).
User transaction
The type of transactions of the website is immediate payments. It promises a range of benefits for businesses such as instant availability of funds, a simple reconciliation process and fewer customers withdraw during the payment process. Moreover, users also obtain benefits include immediate confirmation of transactions and irrevocability of payments. (Jeremy Light, 2015) When the customer places an order on the POPULAR website, their card details will be requested and verified.
Some relevant tools and guides facilitate the customers to buy the product; for example, product information, recommended by and table of content. Language options such as English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese are available for the e-commerce site. An add-to-cart and wish list button are on each product page, and the shopping cart places at the top in case people saved or removed items. Price information with offers and discounts is stated clearly, included detailed shipping charge estimation on the product pages.
A smooth checkout flow can reduce shopping cart abandonment. On, entering information can be done on a single page, and this process kills the need for multiple web pages for checkout. During the transaction, there are seven steps to complete the checkout:
1. Billing information
A new customer requires adding a new address.

If the user is a regular customer, the address will display prefilled with the information that was specified by the customer previously.

2. Shipping address
3. Delivery and charges
Estimated delivery date/ Shipping ; Handling
4. eVoucher5. Promotion code
6. Payment method
Credit card/ Debit card
Internet banking
7. Review your order
By clicking PLACE ORDER NOW, the order is confirmed.

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Popular Book Company (M) Sdn. Bhd. has a strong brand reputation in Malaysia and famous in the education field. It has expanded to more than 93 stores nationwide and had its presence in countries like Singapore and China. (POPULAR Book, 2018)
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User transaction