Personal statement

I have been blessed with clarity with respect to my career goals and then I would like to take the exact path. I have naturally investigated new unknown analytical, factoring abilities into the equation, self- understood. I am intended to become an engineer. In the modern world, electronic technology equipment used more day by day. I am motivated to pursue a degree in electronic engineering along this degree. I develop my analytical skills and comprehensively understanding in the field of electronic and electrical engineering spread over technological advance to solved at the moment challenges.
My entire career has in electronic engineering at university I was filled with extreme study and focused on research work and different variety of technical mini project. Also, a dynamic member of the team be able to for organizing at student time gave me a stronghold of all technical concept of the wide range of subject and most absorption in the field of microwave, antennas design, power electronic
My dream has been work as a communication engineer. This field aware antenna design for a mobile station, base station and specifically interested in design passive circuit for 5G applications. I would like to investigate design issue for 5G challenges and interested in the research field, is tell option are open to possibilities in the field of power electronics, control system.
After graduation I will continue to pursue a master degree my plan to have these goal accomplished within the next two years, the countless positive contribution made to evaluated for society

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