Personal Statement
I was fortunate during High School to have an inspirational History teacher, one that enthused about the subject and incited that enthusiasm for the subject in me. At the time of leaving school I thought seriously about going into the same rewarding job role but during the summer break I applied for a job in a manufacturing testing laboratory. During the following fourteen years I gained experience in quality control, production, sales and management, working with a diverse range of people. During this time, I attained experience of working to fixed deadlines and planning production schedules in advance, which became an excellent transferrable skill when the financial crisis started in 2008.

Whilst applying for new job opportunities following my redundancy, I again considered a teaching career but having just missed enrolment I undertook a position at the Department for Work and Pensions. I enthusiastically progressed as a civil servant into management putting my pathway to teaching on hold again. Over the next subsequent years working in the Child Support Agency I became the lead instructor for new staff and conducted training days for new policy implementation. My preparation proficiency and confidence increased substantially with each year, and I expanded my management skillset. The civil service office environment also presented me with the opportunity to work and train in a culturally diverse demographic that was substantially different from my previous job role. My final position in the Department was as the complaints liaison officer to Members of Parliament. This role presented itself with further learning opportunities in government policies, procedures and complex decisions.

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Another employment change followed as I yearned to have more involvement with the public and I began self-employment as a taxi driver. This job role required patience, excellent communication skills and composure in highly charged situations with members of the public. However, my original preference of career never left me and so this year I enthusiastically started my Access Professions in Humanities Diploma on the road to becoming a History teacher.

As slight compensation to myself for the change in my career path years before, I have travelled to many historical sights and places all over the world and undertook my own personal study of the subject I have remained ardent about. Memorable visits include the American Museum of Natural History in New York, poignant stops at Auschwitz and Birkenau and the exploration of Rome and the Vatican City. Later this year I am also undertaking a road trip across the Southern States of America, stopping at civil war and slave trade historical sites along the way.
Many years ago, I felt regret that I had not gone to college and university immediately after high school. But now with additional maturity gained from adventurous travelling, learning opportunities and employment experience I feel I am in the most assured position I have ever been to progress into university and then onwards to teacher training equipped with the life skills I have acquired with my diverse range of employment.
Whilst currently completing my Access to HE Diploma, I am volunteering as a classroom assistant at Castle Hill High School, which is a special school for children with significant and complex needs. I have had the opportunity to watch the lesson planning, structure and delivery take place and develop an insight into the teaching profession that I wish to follow. During the lessons I work with a small group of children with a diverse range of learning difficulties, therefore the instruction and guidance I provide must be adjusted to each individual in my unit. This rewarding experience along with bringing up three sons has increased immeasurably my desire to pursue this career path. The next exciting step towards my career goal is to study history at university and I believe my application is strengthened with the maturity and life experience I have retained.