Physical therapy requires lots of school and time, usually students have to do 6 to 7 years of school to be able to get a degree for physical therapy. The reason why i want to do physical therapy is because i like helping people get better. Since i’m an athlete myself i would really love to work with athletes because i feel like it would be easy for me to figure out how to make them recover from their injury, and what exercises would help them. Physical therapy also pay really good money and knowing that i’m doing something i love and also getting to help people makes it even better. I’m wanting to go to the University of Oklahoma to get my bachelors degree so i can become a physical therapist i feel like The University of Oklahoma would be a good school for me because they have a really good program for physical therapists. For one of my majors i’m gonna do kinesiology that major would probably be best for me and i will also be doing lots of training. With the major that i’m planning on doing can get me into other jobs like a certified orthotist, hand therapist and some other different therapy jobs. I want this job to be my my job for the rest of my life cause i just love being able to help people and i’m excited to do this job because ever since i was younger i always wanted to become some kind of sports therapist so i can help athletes that have injuries. I’m also thinking about just being a physical therapist assistant because they still do the same thing as a regular PT but they help them out when the therapist can’t do something so it’s practically the same thing as a PT you just aren’t so on your own you kinda have someone leading you and telling you what and how to do something. That might be better for me. Becoming a physical therapy assistant doesn’t take that much school it only takes two years to become an assistant. The average salary for a PTA is $58,720 per year which is 33% lower than the PT salary. The pay for PTA is $4,893 per month, $1,129 per week and $28.23 an hour which is really good. Physical Therapy Assistants work under the PT. Assistants use physical treatments to help the improvement of a person’s pain. Physical Therapy Assistants are expected to be really good with nursing, orthopedic setting, and hospitals where elderly are most often treated. In some way becoming a PTA is Better than just a PT because there’s not alot of school involved when you’re trying to become a PTA but there is a lot of school in just PT. Being a PTA is also better because if you start doing it and you don’t like it you have a major for other jobs and can try them out, or if you like it and you end up doing it for a long time there might be a chance that you can become a PT, but being a PTA does not mean that you are stuck with this job and can change it whenever you want. You can’t really do that if you’re a regular PT because you did all that school so you could become a PT and it would just be a waste even though your major ahs other jobs that you can do it just hard because your main focus in college was the job that you wanted to do. A physical therapist evaluates, diagnoses and treats patients with disorders that limit their ability to move or function normally in a daily life. This career might be a good fit for people who have good skills and a desire to help others get better and back to normal. Before they allow us to practice, physical therapists must have earned a graduate degree from accredited academic program in physical therapy. These programs typically culminate in a doctoral degree and take at least three years to complete. Students in physical therapy programs typically study topics like human anatomy, biomechanics, pathology, and neurological dysfunction management so they are able to be use to the body so they know how to fix their injury and so they know exactly what’s wrong with their body. In addition to earning specialty certification as a way to advance their careers, PTs can participate in continuing education to stay current on the latest advancement in physical therapy. Practically a physical therapist needs to earn a graduate degree, typically a doctorate, and state licensure. Voluntary certification and continuing education could lead to advanced opportunities in the field. Alternatively, some schools offer a pre-physical therapy major in their health and physical education departments. These may require courses in science and health-related topics, including exercise physiology, physical education methods and personal wellness. I also got interested in this because when i hurt my foot i had to go to physical therapy a lot so it really made me think a lot about doing physical therapy cause it was just so cool to know how he helped me get over my injury and just to know how the human body works and how you can fix it when someone has an injury. I just feel like it would be something good for me because i love working with people and getting to help them get better would be a fun