Planned parenthood is a widely known controversial topic. People try to get rid of planned parenthood because they think it is just abortion, that is wrong. Planned parenthood is also birth control, simple health care, breasts exams, and much more. There are many pros and cons that are brought about for this topic.
A pro is that this organization gives help to low-income women, according to This organization gives them a place to go when they have nowhere else to turn to. Another pro, according to Kinsey Hasstedt in the Guttmacher Institute, she states that removing planned parenthood would leave all the women needed that care unattended because there would not be enough alternative services. Kinsey Hasstedt also states that these organizations provide for 2 millions of the 6.2 million women who need this care. If you were to remove this business, many other problems would be brought about. Problems such as financial issues, people looking for new jobs, women struggling and have unwanted pregnancies would come out of removing this business. According to Cecile Richards from CNN, nearly 90 percent of the support that comes out of planned parenthood is for preventive services. Also, according to the Guttmacher Institute, every dollar that goes into planned parenthood is saving nearly $4 down the road. Although there are many pros to planned parenthood that we could probably list forever, there are also many cons to it as well.
Although I am pro planned parenthood, I am also aware of the cons that come out of this. A con of planned parenthood is that it takes taxpayer dollars and some of these people could be against planned parenthood for various reasons, one being religious beliefs. Planned parenthood is a widely known controversial topic and will be for many years to come.
I think planned parenthood is a needed organization. We need planned parenthood because it gives support to women that do not find this type of support anywhere else. Women need to know that they have a safe place to go where they are under good care and I think planned parenthood does this for them.