Planning is a purposeful effort that is directed and controlled by managers and often draws on the knowledge and experience of employees and throughout the organization. It is a decision process; decide what to do and how to go about doing it.
Step 1 is situational analysis. Dell Corporation should analyse the business environment and internally. Dell Corporation has to analyze global economic conditions and the impact of the big security problem in 2015. It is related to an on-the-box support certificate planned to deliver a better, faster and easier customer support experience. Inappropriately, the certificate presented unintended security vulnerability. Many computers and models are affected by superfish-style security. This might leave users exposed to hackers.
Step 2 is alternative goals and plans. Dell Corporation has to know how to regain customer’s confidence and profit. Option 1, Dell has to restructure the system and the security, and change the new laptops and models to the customers. Option 2; cooperate with Lenovo Corporation to solve the security vulnerability.
Step 3 is goal and plan evaluation. Dell Corporation needs to check the advantages, disadvantages and impacts for option above. The advantages of option 1 are building up the reputation of the company due to take the responsibility and regaining the customer’s confidence of the product. The disadvantages are it is very costly to change the products and it takes a lot of time. The impacts are company still has the authority to make decision and control over the organization and take care of the existing demand. Moreover, the advantages of option 2 are Dell can solve the problem effectively and efficiency since Lenovo had the experience and it can increase the business cycle. The disadvantages are share the profit with the others and might argue when different opinion. The impacts are sharing the bonds with other company; always need to consider the other’s suggestion.
Step 4 is goal and plan selection. Dell Corporation has to select one that is better, more benefits with positive impacts. The option 1 is better than option 2. The profit, bonds and right belong to Dell Corporation. The loss of current year can be earned after the year and the problem solved.
Step 5 is implementation. Dell Corporation can allocate resources and assign responsibilities to implement the plan. Dell can divide the task to each department to solve the problem. Public relation department be in charge of the customer’s complain, take note of all the customer’s details and inform them how the company will settle the problem. Production department can produces the new laptops and models to change the products with security problem.
Step 6 is monitor and control. Review the result base on the original goal, make improvements if necessary. Dell wants to bring a better, faster and easier customer support experience. They can change the system and double confirm the security is appropriate and safety. In addition, be concerned about customer’s want and always fulfil what they want.