Lee’s message about prejudice and hypocrisy emphasizes how it can happen and how it did happen and how it affects the lives of many people. Her example was with Tom Robinson and his trail.
Prejudice and hypocrisy is presented in a negative way, they showed how racial prejudice can affect and innocent man.
The trial scene illustrate prejudice and hypocrisy with Tom Robinson. He didn’t get the fair trial that he deserved because of his race.
Lee’s message about friendship reveals how important it is and how the friendships thought the novel helped the characters develop to where they are now.
Friendship is presented in a positive way with the growth and development of the characters and always being there for each other.
The characters that illustrate friendship are Scout, Jem, and Dill. The three of them always had each others back and where helping on another. They had fun adventurous and learned new things that helped them grow.
Lee’s message about education and literacy is how important it is and how each child learns differently and that we should tend to their needs. She also stresses that every child should be equally educated so they can be given the same chances no matter their race.
Education and literacy is presented in both a positive and negative way. It shows the difference between how children aren’t getting equal education and how that can affect their future.
The character that illustrate education and literacy are the children and how Scout goes to school and gets a proper education unlike the Ewell children and how they have turned out.