Prevention is better than cure is a very popular and old proverb related to our health lifestyle. A good health is a precious token for human life. We can earn lot of money, build houses, achieve success, etc in life however we cannot buy good health once declines due to a fatal disease. The point of owning all these luxurious items will become meaningless immediately after we contradict some deadly disease. The proverb “prevention is better than cure” is a best advice to us in life. People should divert their mind from costly treatment towards spending time on health education, preventative measures, etc.
Most of the people suffer from various fatal diseases which have almost no cure. On the other hand, the treatment for some of the diseases are very expensive. People suffering from such diseases are cured by using heavy dosage of medicines having lots of side effects in present or in near future. In order to remain away from such diseases, prevention is the key. Prevention is cost effective and save lots of money, time and effort of us.
If prevention methods are followed by the people, they remain safe and happy forever. Poor people too cannot afford expensive medical treatments. Therefore, we should take care of ourselves through proper prevention methods so that we can stay away from cure. We only have one life which is very important to us. We should live it to the fullest and not destroy by inviting various problems and difficulties. Life can be more happy and peaceful if we become more disciplined and follow the principles of this proverb.
By properly understanding the meaning and principles of prevention, we can learn how to save ourselves from all the deadly and fatal disease. Generally people know the definitions of making their lives healthier and happier. But they forget the most important factor which is, discipline and patience. Cure is usually the the last step to get our body out of danger however sometimes we cannot get the normal health back in case of some serious diseases. The best of the doctors may save the life but they cannot return the happiness in one’s life that has been deprived because of the illness. People, who already suffered the difficulties in life will be able to understand the value of prevention. However, it is worthwhile, if people understand its worth before facing any difficulty.