sales5FM attracts its listeners by advertising competitions and partnering with Mercedes-Benz promoting a Mercedes-Benz A class to the listeners. Insurance companies like daildirect and 1 Life insurance are also getting the opportunity to market their product. The product in this case is insurance, they selling insurance to their potential customer which is the listeners.>sabc>home>competition
Embrace Digital
Why more radio salespeople need to embrace digital platform.

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Salesperson for SABC radio station 5FM.

Sales package: Ford Company
Promotion: New Ford Deals.

Ford Company as a business and their marketing team is promoting their brand through radio platform to reach our audience. They need to advertise through our media platform to be able to reach out their target market.
Maximize radio and digital community
In this case will have callers, calling into our show and the promotion will be taking place for a couple weeks. Four prizes will be rewarded giving away full tank petrol to our potential buyers for two weeks. In the last week of our campaign there will be a ruffle / quiz taking place for callers we giving away 1 brand new Ford. Sms’s charged R2.50.

This promotion attracts our listeners.
New Ford Deals- Save up to 13%.

In terms of marketing and promotional campaign the radio station and the business that serves as a rebuttal to this objection which includes a digital plan in terms of advertising platform 5FM is a big digital community.

Profit component people sending sms’s.
This advertising plan will be effective because sms’s and calls are charged R2.50 per caller if our campaign runs within 4 weeks if we have approximately 500 000 callers and sms’s coming in will be multiplying the population by amount charged at the end of the month .We will be making profit of about 1250 000 as a radio station we will be making a lot of money out of that because we are going to charge the company (ford) for advertising in this platform.

Name of the station: YFM frequency 99.2
Name of the show: Krunch till Lunch
Presenter: Khutso TshelediTime of the campaign:
The mechanic that was used is
I would have amplified the campaign by doing the following;
And made it more effective by
2.1.1. I listened to SAFM 104 -107 at 06:00- 08:00 on the 7th of September 2018.

The name of the show was Sunrise and the presenter of the show was Stephen Grootes.

A round up of national and international news and debates.

A regular feature includes News Bulletins every half hour, Travellers Weather, Sport Traffic, Financial and Economic Updates.

Stories I have listened were as follows;
Local- In conversation with business women Wendy Ackerman, President of pick n’ pay supermarket food chain. Wendy was on the line and Stephen asked her about her visit to Cape Town University, she spoke about how her purchasing power was while she was a student at UCT.

Sports- The presenter was talking about the renewal of the former Springbok Wing and Rugby analyst contract Ashwin Willemse. Stephen said, Willemse said “I am tired of being patronized” and he won’t return to the team.
Weather-Talking the maximum temperatures Friday rainfall.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3
2.1.2 Figure 4
Figure 5 five-minute newscast format clock identifying SAFM format
Hendricks & Mims, 2015
3.1. Qualitative and Quantitative methods
Managers use wide variety of research techniques to find out about their listeners but these can usually be divided into two distinct categories, qualitative research to test attitudes or quantitative research to measure habits.

Qualitative research tells the manager about listeners attitudes, their tastes and their can indicate which songs they want to hear, which presenters they prefer, their interests in local news etc. The manager is looking for clues which will help her or him to plan their programmesQuantitative radio research used to be very simple. If the BBC wanted to know how many people were listening to its radio programmes it stopped a few in the street and asked them what they remembered listening to the previous day.

Rajar/Ipsos MORI(2006)The Radio Audience in the Sun FM area (Sunderland).

Period 27 June 2005-25 June 2006.

Community radio in South Africa began in 1994, when the country’s broadcasting authority began the continuing process of assessing and granting licence applications from group as diverse as rural women’s cooperatives, Afrikaner communities and a variety of religious bodies.

The country now has over 100 community stations, broadcast in a number of languages…/121-community-radio-stations? Friday/ 7 September 2018
There is a need to realize the impact the social fabric has on the radio listening of young people, focusing specifically on the newly explored online radio space and who gets to listen to it. In order to analyze the act of radio listening, which can be both an individual and a group activity (see Douglas, 1999; Hendy, 2000; Lekgoathi, 2009), it is essential to use variety of methodological approaches but will assist in gathering data for a group setup, an individual experience as well as what radio offers to young people in order for them to have a certain perception about it. Consequently, this study used both quantitative and qualitative research methods to try to explain the correlation between young people’s radio listening, social dynamics, and demographic placement in the time of radio convergence in South Africa. Both research methods are useful because of the focus on media consumption.
Brennen (2012) highlights the usefulness of both these methodological approaches in media
Music call-out
In radio, they use call-out research to measure popularity and burn on current music every week or two another round of calls go out and 30 or so current songs are rated. All of the biggest stations in the country in current oriented formats use this tool. The most decisive fact, usually unmentioned, is that online call-out is much cheaper than its conventional variety.
What kind of music do you love to hear on radio?
When do you prefer listening to radio?
Which gender love to listen to radio?
Which age group is mostly likely to listen to radio?
Which race is mostly likely to listen to radio?
How much time do you spend listening to radio per day
15 – 45 minutes
1-2 hours
3 hours
More than 3 hours
4.1. four-week promotion for a grand prize give away from Coca-Cola.

4.1.1. Time of the promotion-07:15
It will happen at breakfast session.

4.1.2. Promotional idea
Promotional competition by Coca-Cola. Promotion taking place in a local radio station Urban Youth station. Exciting news about this promotion is, will be giving away a prize worth R650 000. This exciting radio promotion is a great way for our listeners even when they don’t have their radio on, will create an online radio promotion and place it on our website and social media pages.
How it will work
Will be giving listeners a chance to post pictures on our social media pages using a hashtag with a picture enjoying Coca-Cola product doing different activities.

The most exciting way to get our listeners involved is to host a party for our campaign.

Dates and information is stored and will be using it to send messages automatically on subscriber’s special dates. This will enable listeners to be able to subscribe to our radio promotion messages.

Competition is open to all the citizens of South Africa over the age of 18 years and must have valid South African (ID) identity document.

The competition is only in South Africa and its only open South Africans.

The competition commences on the 20th of September 2018 and ends on the 20th of October 2018.

Question 5
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