Resistance coming from the Native Americans have always been an issue went confronted. During the 1600’s, Virginia was under a conflict between the whites and the Powhatans. As the two groups collided, the English managed to triumph on top and force all native people out of their land. There were uprising occasionally from the indians but this did not stop the waves of settlers coming onto their land. The mid 1600’s were when social divisions occurred among the settlers and the relationship between the whites and indians drifted further apart. In 1680, the Pueblo Rebellion was a huge attack on the spanish missions by the Pueblo people. This rebellion costed the lives of “400 colonizers, including all priests and caused the spanish to remove to mexico.”(Foner) This attack had the Spanish take a while before retaking the region back in 1692, where the spanish killed roughly around 600 natives in the battle. During these battles, the Southwest tribes were undergoing in nonviolent forms of retaliation to the spanish rule. The Pueblo families would either join the Apachean foragers, or remain home where they would maintain their traditional culture and religious practices by hiding some of their culture with Christian rites. The next battle was the French and Indian War also known as the Seven Years’ War that started in 1756 till the end of 1763 while also being known as the bloodiest war in the 18th century. The reason behind why the Native Americans helped France in the war was that they believed to be the better advocate than the Colonist and the English. “The French were great trading partners white the rest were all just looking to grab land.”(Foner) In the video “We Shall Remain: Tecumseh’s Vision,” It is set in 1805 where the Midwestern Indians felt threatened by the threat of Westward expansions by the whites. So Tecumseh, a member of the Shawnee tribe used this fear to bring together all the worried tribes so that the goal in hand would be to save their “ancestral land.” The dream Tecumseh had of establishing an independent Indian State died when he was killed at the “Battle of Thames but what he left behind was a symbol of Native pride.”(Tecumseh)