“Rich people stay rich and poor people stay poor because we are programmed at birth.” While there are a lot of reasons why rich people continue to be rich and poor people continue to be poor, I must agree that Dr. Bruce Lipton’s explanation, which is about how we are programmed at birth is a one, big factor to this reality.
But before saying anything further, let’s go directly to the point. The video is not mainly about why rich people are rich and poor people are poor but Dr. Lipton uses this analogy in order to understand more clearly the unconscious mind, how it was programmed in our childhood and how we can reprogram it if we want to be more successful. Thus, he is trying to tell us that the way we think inevitably shapes our outlook on life and how it manifests itself.
In addition, reprogramming, for example, if you begin to do something daily and keep the repetitive cycle going you can break this and change your subconscious way of thinking to make sure you do what you need to and make positive changes, is like the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a way to retrain oneself to a new, improved thinking process. It’s about replacing the unhealthy beliefs with positive agreements so that a person can improve their life.
On the other hand, one thing I found contradicting in the video or is ironic is when Dr. Lipton said “stop trying so hard to make things work (let’s say a job for example), it’s obviously not in your programming” but on the latter part of the video, he then comes to emphasize “keep doing tasks repetitively.”
All in all, this is an interesting video that affirms how routine, repetition and positive thinking can affect a person’s life in a meaningful way. Attitude, which is because programmed in your life, determines latitude and you go farther up with a great and positive attitude. Hence, this just all goes to show that law of attraction, repetition, fake it till you make are all on the same stand.