Sectional Assessment #5 Part 2: Ch 19, 21 + Readings       20 pts
Name: Gerardo Zuniga
1444  Go to the American Diabetes Association’s homepage.  Look over their web site and resources.  Tell me about three (3) items you found the most useful (interesting) to you and why.  (…think ~ 1 paragraph each). 
Gestational diabetes mostly affects pregnant women during their third trimester. At this stage, insulin production is at triple and therefore the pancreas performance needs to match this challenge. In any case it fails, then the woman automatically becomes diabetic but she is soon healed once she gives birth and her body functions go normal
Latent Diabetes of Adults (LADA) mostly affects people with type 2 of diabetes. It is a type of diabetes with both features exactly as they appear for type 1 and 2 diabetes. Therefore, some people refer to it as diabetes 1.5
A person can live with diabetes for many years as long as he/she remains active, participates in aerobic exercises, loosing weight, taking medication and checking blood glucose frequently in order to monitor food consumption.

1445 Per the Position Statement “Physical Activity/Exercise and Diabetes” by the American Diabetes Association:
          a) outline the benefits of exercise for a person with Type 2 diabetes:
Diabetes type 2 is caused by lack of the pancreas to produce enough insulin to fight sugar levels in the body, this comes as a result of inactiveness of the body causing slow metabolism and excess weights/obese. Therefore, when one takes physical exercises then his/her body’s reactions and blood pressure increases; in such doing, insulin gets active and breaks down the sugar molecules as required.
Daily exercises reduce risks of heart failure which is precursor to diabetes, anyone who is obese is at risk of getting infected with diabetes type 2 because of their BMI level. Therefore, participating in vigorous activities increases chances of curing the abnormal cells.

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          b) outline the general guidelines that may prove helpful to regulating the glycemic response to physical activity in a person with Type 1 diabetes:
Engaging in a physical exercise for example the aerobic exercises may not be enough to correct the abnormal diabetic cells in persons with type 1 diabetes. In such cases, the patients are advised to observe their food intake, they are required to eat foods with olive oil to increase energy in the body. The energy keeps the body active even though no insulin is produced. A balance of insulin and food intake will ensure euglycemia is maintained after and before any physical exercise hard or smooth.

1446  Regarding the AHA’s 2007 update on Resistance Exercise in individuals with and without CV Disease:
a)   outline the initial recommendations for resistance training:
Persons with cardiovascular diseases are highly vulnerable to hypertension and therefore they are advised to do their exercises under close supervision because they may faint in the process and get their muscles damaged by heavy machines. More so, such patients are advised to perform 8-10 exercises in order to train different muscles. Lastly, they are advised to repeat the exercises to a point of volitional fatigue, at least two days every week.

regardless of the presence of disease, describe to me how you would progress in dosage after the initial positive adaptations to your program occur:
Dosage towards cardiovascular and diabetes is very important in order to ensure euglycemic maintenance. For individuals with diabetes type 1, they can be advised to monitor their sugar levels and the doctor to administer them with metformin under strict guidance and conformation of rules.

1447  Regarding the study by Barnard et al. (Combined Strength and Aerobic Training in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure):
a)   What was the purpose of the study?
The purpose of the study was to evaluate an eight-week combined of high-intensity exercise and aerobic exercise module on muscular; strength, soreness and cardiovascular responses for congestive heart failure victims in which 21 men with CHF were assigned randomly to participate in aerobic training with both (AT; n = 7) or AT plus ST (ATST; n = 14). What did you find most interesting about the study?
The most surprising thing was that when a person puts on 2 socks, 2 shoes and a vest will have to take up to 49% of Oxygen intake meaning that the process is an exercise on itself. Furthermore, if a person sweeps a room for 4 minutes then he will use 52% of Oxygen meaning that sweeping is a vigorous exercise that can help stop heart failure.

1448  Regarding the ACSM/ADA 2010 Position Stand on Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes:
a) Summarize the aerobic and resistance training guidelines for Type 2 diabetics (T2DM):
For persons with T2DM, undergoing moderate exercises results in; BG utilization by muscles is set to rise more than the hepatic glucose, therefore the BG glucose production declines. Therefore, moderate exercises should be encouraged in order to increase blood pressure for sufficient circulation across the body.

Resistance exercises are recommended for persons with T2DM because when the blood is put under pressure then glucose is converted into energy. Cycling at high rate say 60-80 heartbeat per minute will burn insulin to a level easily fought by insulin.

c) Look at Table 2 — What 2 pts did you find the most interesting?
Under chronic effects of exercise training; it’s said that bot the resistance and aerobic exercises are good since they help control BG and improves insulin action through fat oxidation and its storage in the muscles.

Under acute effects of exercise; Here we get that no case of acute effect of resistance exercise has been reported so far for all the patients within a period of 24 hours.

On Page 2287 – Read the section on “Supervision of Training”:  What is the conclusion?  Are you surprised? 
Persons with heart failure normally experience hypertension, this may result in fainting without good supervision, in such cases therefore, such vulnerable personalities should be guided and monitored at all times in order to prevent injuries that might occur.

1500 Go the American Stroke Association’ website — go beyond the home page (i.e., look around the site a bit) — tell me something you learned…
Persons who are obese are at high risk of getting high blood pressure if their muscles are not activated through simple exercises. Such individuals are usually got by stroke due to the numbness of blood circulation. It is important to take simple exercises which will increase blood flow and thus more sugar gets broken down to energy even when insulin levels are low. America runs risk of losing many individuals struck by stroke through suicides since many of them think that stroke cannot be treated. The only treatment is doing exercises.