Set point, is a theory that our body has a natural set range of weight and temperature. That means your body will try to maintain those levels to stay in good health. When the levels drop below their “set point”, we start to experience an increase in hunger and a slower metabolic rate. Which may lead you to gain back some of the weight that you have lost.
Over the years i’ve tried to change my diet and exercise routine alot. After having kids my body was not in the best shape. I wanted to do something for myself so I set a goal to get back to my pre-baby weight. Which was around one hundred and forty pounds. The first thing I did was change my diet and exercise routine and I lost a couple of pounds. That motivated me to exercise more and eat healthier.
After a few weeks of consistent dieting and exercising i stopped losing weight. That’s because i lost enough weight to be back at my set point and my body was trying to maintain it. If i ate less and exercised more my body’s metabolism would slow down. If i ate more and exercised less my metabolism would increase. Which i knew all too well. I experienced it many times. I became fed up after I had been dieting and exercising consistently and all of a sudden stopped losing weight. I became frustrated so I binged on all of the things that were off limits while I was dieting. I traded water for soda and had all the carbs i wanted. That also led me to stop exercising all together. I later discovered that my body will attempt to make up for my eating habits in order to stay in range and that’s why i stopped losing weight after a certain point.