Silvana Pedrosa
Professor Kai
ENC 1102
January 22, 2018
Most Like an Arch This Marriage by John Ciardi
John Ciardi’s poem “Most Like an Arch This Marriage” compares marriage to an arch using imagery, figurative language and diction. An arch is a structure is of two pillars that come together at one point in the center, just like a marriage is a where two people create a life by holding each other up and having a strong bond in the middle of their relationship.
In the first quatrain the speaker uses diction and figurative language to create an image in the readers’ mind of how similar an arch is to a marriage. “Most like an arch-an entrance which upholds” (line 1), an arch is an entrance with holds up a structure, like a marriage is a relationship that holds up a family. Lines 3 and 4 of the first quatrain explain how the sacred bond of marriage is “locked in time” by the passion a man and a women have for one another. “Inside half-heaven” is the couple always in search for that system inside the marriage. For example, the prefect balance between each individual that creates the strength in unity and love.
In the second quatrain, the speaker paints an image of how necessary it is for both people in the marriage to come together as one. “Two weakness” (line 5), “Two fallings” (line 6), and “two joined abeyances” (line 7) is showing us how two separate people join together to create one life. Marriage is about face obstacles, solving problems, and tackling whatever life throws in their direction as a united front.
In the third quatrain, the speaker shows the desire and need between the two strengths,