Dubai nowadays considered one of the most world’s attractive cities, and due to that, it is witnessing an increase in population density. In spite of the development of the city in the different field, but the problem of traffic congestion it is still continuous and because of the high population density, the number of people who are using the roads is increasing sharply. According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), “Dubai’s vehicle density of 540 cars per 1,000 people is the highest in the region and one of the highest in the world”. (Tesorero,2016). If the rate is continuing in the same way, by 2020 the registered cars would reach 2.22 million vehicles. A study investigated by RTA show that every morning period the city receives 40,000 vehicles. (Tesorero,2016).

Road traffics has a huge damage on individuals and the environment. usually, the main causes of the high rate of the accidents are the traffic congestion which mostly leads to anti-social driving habits, such as speeding. Moreover, traffic jams cause anxiety for drivers with chronic diseases either diabetes or high blood pressure. It is also a waste of time, some drivers spend more than four hours to reach home daily.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with other government authorities, is working hard to provide solutions to reduce traffic congestion in Dubai streets. Experts explained that the solution of reducing traffic jams is not only limited on improving the road infrastructure, but it also to enhance and encourage the public using public transportation. One of the main RTA’s goal is to enhance the public transportation infrastructure and to provide a various option of public transportation, which is the ideal solution of reducing the rate of accidents and to save time. According to Moukhallati, encouraging the public especially Emirati should not be particular on a specific event such as Car-free day, but It should be used every day in order to protect individuals, environment and to decrease pollution. (Moukhallati,2016). The Emirati public transportation systems are, Dubai Metro, Tram and buses help the public to reach their destination faster, easier, cheaper, sufficient and clean.
To sum up, the best solution of reducing traffic congestion in the city is to accustom citizens and residents to use public transportation in order to reduce the use of private vehicles.

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Informational: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), grants a 50% discount for schools and universities students to use Dubai buses, and it’s offers for all nationalities aged between 5 to 23 years old and elderly people from all nationalities aged 60 years and above. Moreover, People with disabilities uses all Dubai public transport for free.
Motivational: urge locals first and then residents who are living in Dubai to use different public transportation, to enjoy fast services, high level of safety and safeguard the environment from pollution.
1- Designing an informative campaign incorporation with schools, universities, Elder Care Centers, Centers for People with Disabilities which are located in Dubai, to inform students aged between 15 to 23, old people aged 60 and above and people with disabilities about the offers that (RTA) grants them. The campaign called “special for you”. This campaign will show the audience how they are an important part of the society and we want them to use these public transportations with less price with high quality of services.
2- 5 months’ program with various ranges of activities for Emiratis aged between 18 to 60 in order to hearten them using Dubai transports systems rather than privates’ vehicles. The program called “one” which means they are the first responsible on changing their attitude in order to achieve their government vision and protect their environment form cars emissions that is the main causes of pollution.
“Especial for you” campaign tactics:
1- Small presentation in both Arabic and English languages for schools and universities students during their lectures that introduces the campaign and the purpose, which is to inform students about the 50% discount of using Dubai buses. Also, the presentation shows the reason why we want them to use public transportation. Furthermore, Brochures will be distributed to students explaining the procedures they must follow to obtain the discount.
2- a Short video designed for elderly in both Arabic and English that shows the way of using Dubai buses and which papers are needed to register the service.
3- Design a billboard indicating that public transport is free for people with disabilities. Billboard will be distributed in Dubai main roads such as Sheikh Zayed Road also, in malls, famous places in the city.
4- Creating hashtag with the campaign name on Instagram to show people our works by uploading pictures of our group while they are presenting and also to ask the audience who are benefiting from the campaign to share with us their photos and video.

“one” program tactics:
1- Two months visiting all the government high schools in Dubai to lecture young Emiratis about the disadvantage of traffic jams and the best solution of getting rid of traffic which is using public transportation. Also, a way to encourage Emirati students by providing them a card that allows them using all the public transportation for free on weekend.
2- Video advertisement will be establishing through Dubai and SAMA Dubai T.V. The ad will contain a small description about Dubai roads systems.
3- One month of 20% discount for using the Dubai Metro only for locals and it will be informed through newspapers, SMS messages and T.V news.
4- One-month spreading environmental awareness about the effect of car emissions in the streets boards and spreading brochures in public places.
5- For one month every local share a picture of himself using public transportation on Instagram with the program’s hashtag, will get a free Starbucks coffee coupon.
we will measure our success through comparing the number of people who used public transportation before and after the two plans. Moreover, we will count the number of people who engaged with us on Instagram. Also, we will ask people for a feedback and future recommendations.

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