Environmental contamination in Bangladesh is not a theory; it’s a way of life, where the law-defying textile and tannery waste disposals leave natural rivers and their tributaries unsuitable for consumption or too costly for treatment and thus far out of reach for sustainable alleviation. I believe that, the evolution and endurance of civilization fully depends on the harmonious and balance co-existence of environment. So correctly I chose Civil Engineering with a major in Environmental engineering as my undergraduate and graduate coursework. To fulfill my cherish, I get admitted to Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), which is undoubtedly crowned as the best academic institution for higher studies in engineering in Bangladesh.

My undergraduate thesis titled “Feasibility Study of Toxic Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Md. Farooque Ahmed. This study has been carried out to develop an efficient treatment process of Cephalosporin processing unit wastewater through chemical, biological and physicochemical processes. It has been found that before conducting biological treatment, the antibacterial activity of antibiotics has to be disabled through inactivation of ?-lactam ring by pH adjustment (raising pH to around 10.5). It is expected that if wastewater from Cephalosporin processing Pharmaceuticals units is treated properly in an ETP, which has been designed carefully on the basis of laboratory scale model study results and is operated properly and maintained carefully, pollution of surrounding environment could be avoided and desired effluent discharge limit could be attained. I presented my work at 2nd International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering (ICACE), 2014 CUET, Bangladesh and also published a paper named ‘Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater from cephalosporin processing unit’ at the Journal of Civil Engineering (IEB).

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Immediately after graduation, I joined at the Department of Civil Engineering in UITS University as a Lecturer in September 2014 and worked there till June 2018. To further improve my academic career, I have started doing my M.Sc. in civil and environmental engineering at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). As a part of my graduate thesis work, I have started working on “Heavy Metal Contamination of Benthic Sediment of Turag River near Industrial Effluent Discharge Locations.” under exceptional supervision of Prof. Dr. A. B. M. Badruzzaman. The river water surrounding Dhaka city is endangered to pollution from untreated industrial discharge and municipal wastewater, overflow from chemical fertilizers and pesticides etc. Increased use of surface water as one of the sources for drinking water for Dhaka City residents warrants the need for studying the accumulation of heavy and radioactive metals in the benthic sediments of these rivers. The study has been designed to find the pollution level of the Turag River sediments in terms of heavy metal content and radioactivity. It is expected that information on the level of contamination of the benthic sediment as a result of heavy metal and radioactive element contamination will provide pathway for proper management of Turag River and the river system connected to this river.

Now I am working as a consultant at UNICEF Bangladesh. The work is basically related with water, health, sanitation, project management etc. Your research interest bear resemblance to mine and my fascination is in water quality modeling, hydrology, environmental watershed sustainability, interaction between surface and ground water etc. So, it would be a tremendous opportunity if I will get you as my potential advisor.