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Super Bowl Game Party planning
The success of an event planning does not come just from anywhere, it takes much more than just execution. The event planner should be readily prepared to incur different challenges which shall inevitably rise forth before, during and after the process of the event planning. During event planning, it becomes much easy to go through a tactic that forgetting to lay down strategies properly. This can much lead to some things falling and some other event mechanisms go wrong. For a successful event planning, there are some basic elements and ideas one need to consider when planning for an event. This report is designed to purpose on the key important things an event organizer and a planner should take note when planning the party for the super bowl. It is important to know the governance of these sports. This paper seeks to discuss the how one can plan for Super Bowl game party. Planning for Super Bowl game party one has to consider different factors that include the following
Creating the game plan before the super bowl. Planning for the Super Bowl party like two weeks in advance is very crucial as it helps one to be prepared to have all the fun joined by every detail. One is able to get the game party day grabbed on, treating everything at ease. One is able to prepare for the snacks, foods and other drinks that are necessary for the party to shine the participant’s faces.

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Setting the budget; before the party’s entertainment, the organizer is supposed to ensure the budget is ready written down in a not book, specifying the expected participants. This shall facilitate the confirmation of an individual diet when it comes to food and drinks. This paper seeks at discussing the preparation of Super Bowl game party, starting with the creation of a resume, writing a Banquet Event Order (BEO) and budgeting for the miscellaneous.
Creation of a Resume ($20,000)
According to (Bonifacio, 2002) during preparation for Super Bowl game party, the creation of a resume is very crucial, it assists to stand out from the many candidates competing. A resume includes the place one had been working, what he was specifically doing and where they schooled. All these are purposed in strategically marketing the applicant to be considered for the applied position. (McCabe,1999)
Resume oo1
Sygi Sammy
900 Khali Street
Houston, BC 290007
Phone Number: 0704 281 900
Email. [email protected]
Career Objective:
To obtain a Super Bowl coach at “Houston College” for organizing and monitoring day to day practices and other sessions that aim at developing a competitive bowl team for the college.

Skills summary
Able communicators having skills for developing strategies for the super bowl game
The ability to motivate the team and get improved performance
Skills in the maintenance of the balancing sports and academic performances
Ability to solve problems and identification of ways on how to overcome the obstacles
Having an experience and having participated in super bowl games as both a player and a coach
Work Experience
Super bowl game Coach
Foothill, college, Florence, SC
December 2015 – present
Teaching the players about the psychological effects and the technical aspects of the super bowl game
Giving out moral support and the required guidance on the methods of collecting the academic records
Scrutinizing and monitoring the recruitment of the players who to participate in the inter-college games competition
Event planner
Signals Media Enterprises, Samson, VA
January 2013-November 2015
Roles played
Coordinating the activities of convention individual and the staff concerning the arrangement of meetings, parties, and conventions.

Selection of vendors as well as the implementation of programs
Monitoring the event activities and ensuring the applicable regulations are strictly applied where possible effectively at all times of the program.

Making consultations with customers and making the identifications of the objectives and all the meetings or conference requirements.

Reviewing of the event bills for their accuracy and approving payments.

Planning, organizing, managing and coordinating events like seminars, the trade shows, special meetings and other upcoming events.

Super Bowl coach
Lincoln High school, Florence, SC
28 Feb 2012 – January 2013
Directing the training and practices of the students for the sport
Developing and using the signals the strategies for the game as well as deciding the batting orders.

Planning and having an in-season and off-season practice sessions.

Made decisions on which player would replace batter with pinch hitter depending on the situation of the game.

Mentoring the super bowl team as well as contributing to the club’s fundraising.

Master’s Degree in Sports Management
Florence University, Florence, SC
Degree: Public Relations course
Certificate in Super Bowl game
Florence, Sports Academy

Ii) Creation of a Banquet Event Order ($100,000)
Commonly referred to as BEO is a document that gives the details pertaining to an event at a hotel or in a certain venue. The event planner is required to be familiar with the BEO as their direction for the event planning. It is also defined as a form or a document that is always prepared by an event organizer or by the food manager in a banquet facility. The form includes all the party stages especially the reception part of the event.

BEO highlights the all the details as well as the logistics for every event. The details which may appear in the BEO, may include; the name of the event, time bound of the event, the expected guest count and the specific room allocation. Before creating a BOE form one is supposed to take note of the following;
The nature of the event
It assists the planner to decide the suitable venue for the event, for in our case the venue for the Super Bowl game party is a stadium.

The Event’s general details
On the top of the form, the event planner should indicate the type of event, the date of the event, the time the event would take place, the guest count of the event, their phone number, their email and their full names. The following is a Banquet Order for Super Bowl Game party.

Banquet Event Order
BEO No. 001/ Revision 2
Booker Name: Mr. Samuel Mike
Booker contact: phone number: 0704281900
Email address: [email protected]
Day and date: Saturday, April 23, 2017
Time: 0800-1600HRS
Function: Super Bowl Game Party
Venue: NRG Stadium Houston
Account Manager Mr. David
Notes to different Departments
Operation of Banquet
Set 100 tables on the stage each with 5 chairs
Set 2 reception tables with 2 chairs each
Please provide 2 screens and a projector
Kindly ensure the party meeting room is thoroughly clean and need
Provide a red chair and a blue table cover
Ensure the room is sprayed with a soft perfume.

Technical or Engineering team
Ensure the switch on AC is 10 minutes
Kindly provide with an alternative source of power
Kindly provide a system of sound with a wireless MIC
Ensure the screens and the projectors are perfectly working
Kindly switch on different colored bulbs
The signboard
Write ”Super Bowl Game Party” Ensure a colored word is used.

The Human Resource Manager Department
Kindly arrange for 10 temporary staffs.

(iii) Creating Menu
The following is a suggestion of foods for the participants of Super Game Party event. Members are hugged to serve the foods they would like to eat. The budget for the food stuffs is $500,000
Lunch dispatch
Potato salad
Part sandwiches
Fresh mango, oranges, and pineapple fruits
Red salad
Chicken fly
Cole slaw
Meat stew
Potato salad
Corn on the cob
The Luau Ideas
Steamed rice
Green mixed salad
Sweet Hawaiian bread and
Teriyaki and pineapple
Sausage balls or bacon
Egg Casserole
Fresh fruits
Strong tea
Party tea
Sandwiches tea- it is easier to cut the crusts of bread after first refrigerating)
Cucumber /cream cheese /cream or walnuts

(IV) The miscellaneous
Security ($1000).

Security is very important during a Super bowl game. Some fee of about $1000 should be set aside to register and apply for security service. Since there are many loopholes that require much security attentions such as the protection of the president and other invited guests.

A fee of approximately $50,000 is set to secure the venue of the super game party. Failure of down payment is not a guarantee of venue security.

Entertainment ($1,000)
The president and other invited guest need a top-class team of entertainment
Therefore, the fee of $100,000 is set for musicians and other comedians
Food and beverage ($ 100,000)
This marks a basic concept of a party. Allocation of $100,000 should go to the menu.

Room and tax ($20,000)
For a party to take place $20,000 should go to the government revenue body.

Transportation ($50,000)
Give it $50,000 to and from for all the party participants including the guests.

The VIP ($100,000)
The guests use a special room. With different kinds of food Chicken fly, Cole slaw, Steaks, Hamburgers, Kabobs, Meat stew costing $20,000and drinks such as (fresh mango, oranges, and pineapple) fruits which costs $50,000
The guests to receive and appreciation token of $10,000 each for the 3 guests to total $30,000
The total cost of the part is $ 993,000.

A successful event planning requires much attention of the organizer, who should at all times coordinate tirelessly with all departments in a hotel management aiming at securing the success of the event. The planner of the event should be competent enough with skills about management and coordination.
Event planning depend on overall event budget, the type of the event and honor of the invited guest, on this regard, event planning should be done a week or two before the actual day of the event.
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