Success comes to those who takes risk. This statement is completely true. But there are many different types of people. Some type of people think that success comes to those wbo prepare a good time table for studies. Some people believe that success comes to those who takes risk.

According to me, success can be achieve by a good planning. For success, we should have a plan. If we have a good plan we can get easily. We should take risk for achieve what we want. But risk should be in right direction. If we want to become successful in life. We should take risk.

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We can see mamy of examples of people who took risk & got their goal. When our indina was doing fight for freedom. Our solders took risk & got freedom. For taking risk, we should have lots of courage. Normal people can not take risk. If we take risk. We should have to sure. Taking risk is the first step towards goal. We should be aware about taking risk.