Teen mothers are less likely to complete high school. They are much more likely to not complete college. This puts them at a disadvantage when it comes time to find a good paying job. The evidence is clear. In the past two decades, the median income for college graduates has risen by 19%, while the median income for those who dropped out of high school has decreased by 28%.
Not only are teen fathers generally less educated themselves, but they are experiencing earning losses which may exceed 15% each year. This creates a cycle of poverty which, if left unchecked, creates the foundation for the next generation of children to also become teen parents, dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Yet not all of the blame belongs on the mothers when it comes to teen pregnancy. Only 1 in 5 teen men, the fathers of these children, will go on to marry the mothers. This makes it essential for child support to be provided to maintain the stability of the household. Many teen fathers, however, pay less than $800 per year in child support because they also don’t have a good paying job to provide support for their child’s household.

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