The Amazon rainforest is also called the Amazon, they are considered the greatest resource of the world.

These rainforests derive their name from the Amazon River. They cover about 2.5 million square kilometers and are the largest tropical forest in the world.

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Amazonian rainforests are also known as the “light planets”, because they account for up to 20% of the world’s produced oxygen, the age of these forests is more than 55 million years.

The Amazon rainforest is 9 times the size of Texas in the US, the Amazonian forest ecosystem includes: 40,000 plant species, 500 species of mammals, 300 species of reptiles and a huge number of insects, butterflies alone number more than 1800 species.

Amazonia, as is known, is the largest river system in the world.

The total number of birds living in the Amazon rainforest is about one third of all bird species in the world. Toucan is considered the most popular symbol of these places.

These amazing tropical forests include nine countries in South America: Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname and Ecuador, which is almost two thirds of the continent of South America.

According to scientists, every second disappears about half a hectare of the rainforest, due to the developing industry of neighboring countries.

Amazonian rainforests are home to about 250,000 Amazons, which include members of 215 ethnic groups speaking 170 different languages.

Amazonian rain forests receive about 243 cm of rain each year, and fifty percent of this moisture they return back to the atmosphere through evaporation.

Most of the water in the Amazon is formed because of the annual melting of snow in the Peruvian Andes. In the period from June to October, you can observe an increase in the water level in the river by 4 meters.

The largest fish in the world, “Pirarucu”, which can reach up to 2.5 m in length and weigh as much as 250 kg was found in the Amazon rainforest.

The total number of fish species found in this region exceeds the total number of fish species that inhabit the whole of Europe.
The protection of the Amazon rainforest remains a serious problem. In the last ten years, efforts to preserve this protected area have increased significantly.

In the tropical forests of the Amazon, dangerous predators such as the jaguar, anaconda and puma live also.

The Amazonian rainforest consists of “four layers”, with each layer consisting of unique plants, animals and ecosystems.

About five centuries ago, in the tropical forests of the Amazon lived about ten million Aborigines.
In these forests, you can find many endangered species, such as the hyacinth parrot ara, the golden lion Tamarin, and many others.