The book “The Birth of Republic, 1763-89” by Edmund S. Morgan, the author is excellent in telling the different point of view point of America throughout the American Revolution period. Morgan starts the points by telling the relationship between American colonies and the English Parliament. He focuses mainly on unfair taxation that was force between the colonies. The main argument that the author points out that caused the American Revolution happened because “the Americans reached the conclusion that Parliament lacked the authority to legislate for the colonies at all.” (ix-x) and trying to find the equality between their colonies. Furthermore, the author did not only tell the reader about what was the caused of the American Revolution and the extent to which it was actually revolutionary, but he also tells the reasons that lead to the war.
The book is an interesting story in American Revolutions. It showed that thirteen colonies converted into one country in the United States. After I read this book, I felt like I have a better understanding of what is going on during that period of time. Morgan try to proof the reader the main point of the book is true. He is trying to proof the equality of people in the colonies helps make what the country is todays’.