The cold war during the Truman years
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From The Grand Alliance To Containment
The cold war begins.

As much as there was alliance that brought about unity and the defeat of a common enemy, the Soviet Union and West had prewar mistrust and antagonism between them that came up over their different visions of the postwar world. Moreover, America emerged from the with a a vast and so expanded productive capacity and monopoly on Atomic weapons thus becoming the most powerful nation in the whole world.

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The Truman Doctrine and The Marshall Plan
In the year 1947 the United States of America had the policy of containment implemented that will be seen guiding foreign policy the next 40 years. There was also the outlining of the to be called domino theory where Truman had warned that if Greece fell into the hands of leftists, “confusion and disorder” would spread in the whole Middle east thus threatening Europe.

Building a National Security State.

Fifth element where it overlooked the development and implementation of the government’s espionage capacities to deter communism through covert activities thus creation of Central Intelligence Agency. The government also intensified the efforts of propaganda to win hearts and minds throughout the world.

Yalta Conference.

In the year 1945, there was a meeting between Churchill and Starlin at Yalta in the essence of making final war plans. Then they came to announce the decision of dividing Germany into post war zones.

The security council
The main governing body United Nations has been handed the authority in identifying threats to international peace and security and also prescribing the response of organization with inclusion of the military.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The alliance was formed in defense of one another by any other country like western European countries.