The education and especially primary education is backbone and basic foundationof further education. An ignorant society resists change. It rejects all innovational methods, which guarantee development and prosperity. History of the nation proves the veracity of the claim. Education and to be more precise, primary education is a reasonable and cheaper means, which inspires the people to accept the change and enjoins them to think critically.It simulates the capabilities of the individuals by which they change economic, social, political, moral and cultural systems, prevailing the society and summon for independent and prosperous life.While considering the concept of quality education our attention is usually focused on the higher institutions of learning, whereas primary education is the foundation of every learning. The better the foundation, better the edifice. Moreover, it has been analyzed through extensive research studies that return of primary education is higher than that of higher education. Therefore, primary education needs more attention and inputs to raise its standards and quality. Universities, Colleges and other institutions of technical education are no doubt, important in their own right, but personality of men and women gets its shape from early childhood. Primary education plays a vital role in the producing civilized citizen and pioneers to lead the nation through crises. Bolam, R.(1980).