The fetus is a human life from the moment of conception; many think that the baby life starts when the baby is born. There are many that are not born today because of abortion. Abortion should be considered a crime because it’s ending the lives of children being born. God hates murder; he already had a plan for that unborn baby’s life. Several women who are not ready for a baby decide that abortion is the way out, but abortion is murder.
A woman has the right to control her body, but the fetus is not her body it is a separate body. No one never asks the women how your body is? They say how the baby is.
Father’s should have the same rights as mothers it should be against the law to abort a baby with consulting with the father before getting an abortion. If they agree on the abortion, the men should have to sign over his rights because he might like to take care of the unborn child.
There is an alternative to abortion: adoption. There are millions of American families wanting to adopt babies. Abortions reduce the number of adoptable babies. Someone wants all children. If a woman feels that she cannot take care of a new baby, it would be easy to find someone willing to adopt the baby. The woman should consider adoption or taking the baby to an orphanage. The mother never know who the child would be he or she could be the next president.
If the woman became pregnant through a traumatic event, such as rape or incest, proper medical care could ensure against pregnancy. Abortion punishes the unborn child, who innocent of any crime or fault. Abstinence or the use of contraception prevents the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Some woman chooses abortion when they know that the child they are carrying may have physical or genetic defects. This is a form of discrimination. A physical disability does not make any person less than human. The women must take into account any future physical or psychological effects of having an abortion. An abortion can result in medical complications later in life. The chance of a miscarriage with a future pregnancy increases. Abortion can also cause psychological pain and stress. There may be feeling of guilt or loss later in life. Leaving these feeling unchecked may lead to other harmful behaviors, such as sexual promiscuity, drugs, or alcohol, used to dull the effects of these feelings.
Did you know that a baby could end up surviving an abortion? One of my friend’s mother had gone to the clinic to abort him. She was supposed to go home to have a miscarriage and bring him back in a bag. She had it done there was blood two days when by nothing happened, she decided to go back to the clinic in told that she doesn’t think it worked “they said no it’s still there, but they will get it this time.” As she was laying there, she felt like God was going to kill her he was supposed to be discarded, but the Lord took his hands in moved him out the way. Abortion is a form of murder Abortion is a form of murder, and the Bible tells us not to murder God tells us, in the Sixth the commandment, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13), and in Jeremiah 1:5: “Before you were formed in the womb, I knew you.” Finally in Psalm 139:13: “You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” God hates murder. The body is the temple of God; no one should do anything to potentially harm themselves, God has a plan for that individual’s life. As Christians, we live to please God abortions does not please him.