The first mention of slim in the novel is made by the boss, “Go out with Slim’s team”. The fact that he mentioned by the boss suggests the boss places trust and authority in him. He describes him as a “big tall skinner” which establishes his skilled and authoritative role on the ranch.
• Candy reiterates Slim’s position as a “jerk line skinner,” again after George and Lennie meeting with the boss. Candy repeats the phrase “I seen her give Slim the eye”, which suggest that Slim I admired by Curley’s wife. He describes him as being a “hell of a nice fella” which explicitly shows that Candy like sand admires Slim.

• He also states that “Slim doesn’t need to wear no high-heeled boots on a grain team “which suggest that Slim is confident in his position and doesn’t need special attire to establish his authority as the boss and Curley does.

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• Despite slims skills, he is on the same level as the other workers as he lives in the bunkhouse and has no say I who works on his team as he says “hope you get on my team”, as he doesn’t judge Lennie when he hears what happened at Weed and knows “He ain’t mean… I can tell a mean guy mile off”.

• Some people might argue that he is no better than the other ranch workers as he frequents Susy’s place, he does nothing about how Crook’s is treated, he seems to encourage Curley’s wife’s flirtation and shows little ambition to leave the ranch, but unlike Curley, Slim stays calm and is never seen to lose his temper.

• Slim approves of George and Lennie’s friendship, he doesn’t judge unlike the boss or Curley as he says”Aint many guys travel around together… I don’t know why”. He shows a readiness to praise Lennie as he says “I never seen such a strong guy”. This also shows that he doesn’t judge Lennie when he hears what happened at Weed “He ain’t mean… I can tell a mean guy mile off”.But on the other hand, some people might argue that he is prying when he quizzes George about Lennie.

• Steinbeck describes slim as possessing dignity and majesty as he is described as “a majesty achieved only by royalty and master craftsman”.this helps his ease of manner around other characters, especially Curley’s Wife.this makes Curley appear nervous around him showing slim’s authority on the ranch as Curley says “Well, I didn’t mean nothin’, Slim.i just ask you”.so this would make other characters look to him for advice.

• Overall I think that even though he mightn’t do much about crooks treatment or work around the ranch, he is still a vulnerable character in the novel as he is looked up to for advice and is treated as a rolemodel.this is a good in the Great Depression era as no one had a role model to have the ambition to work and strive towards.