The first semester we had twenty-three seminars, each seminar included topics about our coursework. On our subject, Academic English, our teacher Ms. Radjabzade was telling us about coursework which is going to conduct at the beginning of December. We had four hours of English a week. During the course of this semester, Ms. Radjabzade really helped us to learn different types of essay structures, gave us much knowledgeable information and shared with her own experience that never taught in other subjects and that could really help us for our future purposes.
Most of the things we have learned from the first semester. I tried do not miss lessons because there were helpful for me in my academic studies. I was able to see improvement in change from the beginning of the semester. One of the skills I have been improved by the seminars is working in the group. In reality, I have never worked in the group since school years. On the other hand, I understand that group work increases productivity and performance, when you work together you can achieve much more than individuals working on their own. Furthermore, group work helped me to deeply understand the purpose of the subject.
One of the interesting highlights during the semester was a debate. The debate is a great activity for bringing students in one way and increasing life to the classroom. In order to be ready fully she gave us one whole week to prepare. In my opinion, the beginning of the debate was slow but at the end, it got better towards. Speakers gave us a lot of tips about the topic and answered all to our biggest questions. To be honest, I was ready for debate, I had full of arsenals, but I am the kind of person who feels unconfident and embraced in front of the public. Ms. Radjabzade