The following information was obtained from Jennie’s parent.
Jennie has an average height and weight of the girls in her age group and has a good health, progress normally for her age group.
Jennie is the last child of two siblings. Her parents are in their late 30s. Both of her parents are working full time. Jennie has an older brother, Jayden Tay who is 7 years old.
Even though, Jennie’s parents are both working full time on weekdays, she is a family oriented girl that shares a close relationship with both of her parents. On weekends, she will invest most of her time at home with her family. Her family does not by any mean practice to go for outings that regularly. Despite the fact that she was not exposed by associating with the public, she was able to adapt socializing well with her peers.
As her family communicates in English most of the time, this has given Jennie a great influence as she was able to use proper language and communication with her peers and teachers.
She has an interest in drawing and colouring which has also been observed during the observation. This could be due to genetic influence that she gets from her mother as her mother has a huge interest in arts too.
In conclusion, parents are a child number one teacher therefore; Jennie parents have a better influence in her development and her life.