The importance of corporate finance is to understanding the financial market like stock exchange and their interaction with business, and it is also help us to understand the conflicts and tensions that arise from matching the needs of those who want to invest their excess of wealth and for those who need wealth to produce goods and services. Corporate finance is the blood of the business, it is require of the companies like Apple Inc., It is required for starting a company, survival company, running company and it is required for expansion and diversification of a business, it means that a company cannot survive without finance. Like Apple Inc. they have a promotional finance Apple made a decision to do stock split of 7:1 bring the per unit share price down and become more accessible for the individual investor. The stock split resulted in the stock going from over $645.57 per share to a more accessible $92.44. Investors who owned Apple prior to the split now have 7 times more stock at a lower price, maintaining the overall value of Apple stock in their portfolio. It is also requires of long term finance to purchase fixed assets. It requires development finance for growth, expansion and diversification of business.