The leadership in Malaysia give the great thing that can be proud of. There are many leadership that had been shown for example from the Prime Minister and the others leader in Malaysia. The example of leadership that we can see is from Sultan of Kelantan. He earns the admiration for helping in flood relief efforts in 2015. Sultan Muhammad V had abandoned protocol to help flood victims as Kelantan faced the brunt of the worst floods in recent history, which hit in that areas in late 2014 and spilled into 2015. The floods occurred very bad at that time and Sultan of Kelantan take the responsibility to help the his people at Kelantan. One of the media social had stated that, Sultan of Kelantan was received an order from the army at that time, when asked where he was from, he said he from Malaysia and when he was asked why his face looked like the Sultan of Kelantan, he was just smiled. When the person who had asked his realized that he was a Sultan, he was apologized but then the Sultan only hugged that person. It shows that how kind and humble he is and it show the leader that we have to respect. Sultan was widely a known person who has a man of the people and it not surprise when a man that has a part of royalty willing to mix up with the others people and not only have when needed.