The Mongols has a bad reputation for cruelty to rivals to which they attacked and raided. In their whole history, there has been always some guys who are smart and versatile, and they have inspired many people. Every one of them is significant for the history. Genghis Khan and Subutai are good illustration of this. The Mongols were collection of different tribes which was not united but a Mongol who is called Temujin(knows as Genghis Khan) united these tribes into one single piece. They were good at bow and had heavy Armor which was made with padded. Thanks to Uriangkhai tribe, they fixed the broken weapons, pots and pats. Subutai may have come across the Mongols in his early age because his father was a blacksmith. When Subutai joined the army which was under the command of Genghis Khan, he was just fourteen years old. Initially, he didn’t know how to ride horse and use bow. It was usual then that every man could ride horse and use bow. He didn’t give up and pushed them. As the time passed away, he become wise person about the war strategies like Genghis Khan. He has won 77 wars under Khan’s order, and he has big impact on history. To sum up briefly, Not only he was a supreme soldier but also he was an knowledgeable person.