The most popular gang in Tulsa Oklahoma in the 1960s were the greasers and socs. In Tulsa Oklahoma they had drive in movie, bowling,and other fun things to do. Tulsa Oklahoma os located Northeast Oklahoma near the Arkansas River. The population in Tulsa Oklahoma was 455,261 and now it is the largest city in Oklahoma.The era started off with the election of JFK and hope that the world would be a better place. Vietnam at that point wasn’t in the news, but the name of Martin Luther King was starting to be heard and civil rights was coming. As the decade moved along there was more about Vietnam and adviser were sent over plus some troops, the Beatles were on the charts and we were doing the Peppermint Twist, color TV had just come out, and stereo was being sold. The music died in 1964 when JFK was shot in Dallas and it has never been the same. Camelot was dead and LBJ was president as Mrs. Kennedy in her bloody pink suit watched him take the oath of office. By 1965 Vietnam was more in the news and we were watching war on the news. There were sit ins and protests for civil rights and some people were starting to march against the war. In 1968 the war was really going and the largest draft of young men took place, there was riots in the streets over the war and civil rights, the democratic convention was in an uproar with protests and people were arrested in the streets, Robert Kennedy is shot in LA and more music died. That spring of 68 also saw the death of King and more music died. Two visionaries lost in time. It was a time of the “flower child” and hippies and drugs. A time to drop in, drop out and to turn on. A summer of love and the Age of Aquarius. To go to the moon in 1969 and watch the war that kept going.