The movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” is a mash of the single journeys of three separate groups: the journey of Xi, the Bushman, going to the end of the Earth to dispose of a Coca-Cola bottle; the blossoming relationship between Kate Thompson, a school instructor, and Andrew Steyn, a gawky scientist; and the actions of a set of terrorist led by Sam Boga. One day, a Coca-Cola bottle falls from the sky and lands unbroken near the home of the Bushman. The bushman household has never seen such a thing and look at it as a gift from the Gods. Although the object has many uses, its uniqueness becomes the beginning of jealousy, anger, and violence. Xi decides to banish this “evil thing” forever since it has caused so many problems. At the same time, former journalist Kate Thompson decides to alter her life and go a school instructor in an African village.