The Philippines is known for its rich culture specially for its history because many events had happened to our country. The country was conquered by different intruders such as the Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese but there was a place in the country which was left unconquered and that place is the Mindanao region. The Mindanao region was left unharmed because there was a group of pirates knows as the “Raiders of Sulu” that was navigating the oceans from nearby enemies and they were also invading territories and bases that the Europeans have controlled over. These raiders were savages to the point that they kill enemies on sight. They form groups when attacking bases such as the European headquarters. They climb the headquarters of the enemies while the Europeans try their best to contain the enemies through shooting them and throwing boiling waters at them. They form groups and come up with a strategy when attacking groups of enemies, they will divide themselves into three or four squad to outnumber an enemy. They will risk their lives just to earn the victory and they will do everything just to impress their leader or what they call their “sultan”. During these era the Raiders of the sulu sea are feared by the people on the region because aside form defending the land from the enemies, they will also capture people even if they have the same race and make them slaves just to run their ships. They also roam the ocean in a group of squads of ships just to collect and steal resources from other enemy warships and make trades to other parts of the region. Trades were introduced by Ferdinand Magellan and was spread throughout the country. Trades has a positive result to their lifestyle because communication happened between them and other groups while on the other hand they defended their religion from the Christians. They stayed as Muslims and they fought their lives just to avoid being converted into Christians.

These Raiders were very dangerous, they will kill enemies that will disrespect them and they will always risk they’re lives just to protect their title. When captured, the woman will also kill their children and the man will kill the woman and themselves. They will do this self sacrificing method just to show that they will never give up to the Europeans even in the brink of death, they are not afraid to kill their family member and they will even risk their own life just to protect the things that they have. The difference between piracy and the raiders is that the piracy known as the pirates are the ones who roam the oceans just like what raiders do but they are less dangerous compared to the raiders. The pirates are also savages and they also steal and trade supplies to other groups just like what the raiders do but they don’t invade bases and headquarters that much. They also attack in groups just like the raiders but they do not give up their lives carelessly. They do their best to protect themselves and their love ones specially their family just to earn the victory. They don’t commit suicide when captured by the enemy and they don’t kill other family members but instead they will find a way to escape and seek refuge. As much as they both have their differences, they still remain as a threat. The people look at the pirates as criminals who roam the oceans and they commonly consider them as a group of “gangsters” while the people in the Mindanao region consider the raiders as fearless warriors. But despite of their differences they both have their similarities like they both travel the oceans and they both are ruthless savages. These savages are feared by their society and the people outside of their zone but both of them has its meaning on what they serve. The raiders had affected the government of the Mindanao region because they always do war with Europeans and even if a large number of them was already taken down, they don’t just simply back off but instead they always find a reason to stand up. They just don’t know how to surrender. The factors that the raiders showed to the government was a very unstoppable action because they attack on whoever oppose to them, they do not care whoever they kill or not. But as long as it makes trades with them then they will look up to it. They make their own people as slaves and the slaves always stay on the front row whenever they enter their battles with the Europeans. These slaves travels with them through out the ocean and while travelling their jobs was to make the ship function in throwing coal to the heater of the ship to make this faster. These raiders also hide themselves as fishermen and when an enemy from the government or a warship started a fight with them, they suddenly fight back through jumping to the ships of the enemies and they also fire their cannon balls to the nearby enemy ships.

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In the present day these raiders still remains around the Mindanao region but unlike before they are less dangerous in the present day. They only collect resources from lands nearby to them and they are also known as fishermen. Despite of their cold history the actions that they showed are ruthless in defending the motherland from the intruders. They had their strategies ready that will oppose any of the attacks of the enemy. They will do everything just to earn the glorious victory and just to invade other headquarters that used to belong to them but was invaded by the Europeans. They will fight even in the brink of their death. They’re actions will always be remembered and will always be present through primary and secondary choices and even if they are not discussed frequently to the present educational system, their will always be a proof to their existence.